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WHS Map - the Data

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Author Zoe
#376 | Posted: 13 Dec 2021 07:47 
Serra da Capivara

the marker seems a bit off, although having a look at the WHS map it seems super generous with sections even far outside of the national park, wouldn't it make more sense to point it at the NP?

Author elsslots
#377 | Posted: 13 Dec 2021 10:30 
wouldn't it make more sense to point it at the NP?

I've moved it now to the same spot as at the UNESCO website (inside the park)

Author Jurre
#378 | Posted: 13 Dec 2021 12:29 
Colonies of Benevolence

We have 4 locations on our map, but Unesco has 3 locations, because Wilhelminaoord and Frederiksoord form one component. Should we change it or do we keep the 4 locations?

Author elsslots
#379 | Posted: 13 Dec 2021 12:37 
Should we change it or do we keep the 4 locations?

We should change it, we follow the official number of locations

Author Jurre
#380 | Posted: 14 Apr 2022 06:50 | Edited by: Jurre 
Portovenere, Cinque Terre, and the Islands

It's nitpicking, but the marker for the island of Tinetto is slightly off and is situated near the island of Tino.

Wikipedia gives these coordinates: 44.023508, 9.851264

Author vantcj1
#381 | Posted: 30 Apr 2022 20:27 | Edited by: vantcj1 
Hi, checking on "Agave Landscape and Ancient Industrial Facilities of Tequila"'s most recent review, I noticed that the component "Zona núcleo 01-Valle de Tequila y Amatitán" is shown to the south of the "Guachimontones de Teuchitlán" component, near the town of Tapalpa, while it is really to the north, as it is shown in the 2015 WHS official map
In the WHS official page the first component is located in a field between the towns of Tequila and Amatitán. I looked for an approximate similar location in Google Earth, whose converted coordinate is: 20.8613889°, -103.7552778°

Author Astraftis
#382 | Posted: 1 May 2022 12:04 
Following today's blog article by Els, I point to the fact that Kernavė is spelt with a single dot on the e, not Kernavë as it is now (ë does not even exist in the Lithuanian orthography). Is there some encoding challenge?

Author elsslots
#383 | Posted: 2 May 2022 03:00 
Is there some encoding challenge?

No, not really. I don't know why it was that way, already at nomination it was Kernavė. Have updated it.

Author Astraftis
#384 | Posted: 2 May 2022 12:07 
Is there some encoding challenge?

No, not really. I don't know why it was that way, already at nomination it was Kernavė. Have updated it.

OK, I was just asking because encodings/decodings are something I vie with almost daily at work, and with students who have difficulties grasping them, too :-D

Great, I'm glad a modicum of pedantry can bring minimal improvements :-D

Author paul
#385 | Posted: 2 Jun 2022 08:44 
To prevent any unnecessary walking in the heat here are corrected coordinates for the locations I visited in Mérida.

664-001 Los Milagros Aqueduct
38.923974909049534, -6.347942776435171
The unesco coordinates are, like many of the unesco coordinates, translated NE. However, the translations do not seem consistent enough to be systematic.

664-002 San Lázaro Aqueduct
38.92042248473853, -6.335376662894486
According to the state party map the whole aqueduct is inscribed, however, most of the structure was constructed in the 16th C reusing the Roman masonry.
These are the coordinates of the remaining original 3 piers.
The unesco coordinates are at a roundabout near the other end of the aqueduct.

664-003 Alcantarilla Bridge
38.92825670013005, -6.3615469404824125

664-004 Guadiana River Dam, Roman Bridge over Guadiana River, Alcazaba
38.91476878889801, -6.348482607370291
These are the coordinates of the first section of bridge.
The unesco coordinates are just outside the boundary of the Alcazaba

664-005 Roman Theatre, Amphitheatre, the Amphitheatre House
38.91613166005646, -6.337912636556917
These are the coordinates of the Amphitheatre which is the most central element
The unesco coordinates are just inside the boundary wall of Amphitheatre House on a piece of unexcavated land

664-006 Trajan's Arch, Concordia Temple
38.917854483135656, -6.346508107186724

664-007 Sta. Catalina Basilica
38.92091088364855, -6.337821085857059
Labeled as Xenodoquio

664-008 Casa Herrera Basilica
38.96104567948251, -6.294645338805351
The unesco coordinates are, surprisingly, almost there! In a field just outside the boundary wall.

664-009 Sta. Eulalia Basilica: Interpretation Centre, Temple of Mars
38.920676401927786, -6.342044360324531
The unesco coordinates are on the wrong side of the railway in an industrial estate at the amusingly named company "Roma Fundiciones".

664-010 The Roman Circus
38.92003412395233, -6.332135158325669

664-011 The Mithraeum House - The Columbaria Funerary Area
38.91121146849769, -6.341108507832818
These are the coordinates of the actual Mithraeum House, which is by far the most interesting part.
The unesco coordinates are outside the NE boundary.

664-012 Church of Sta. Clara and Visigothic Art Collection
38.917128243153215, -6.346862158774778
I wonder why this location is inscribed, especially when the substantial remains of Morería are not. The collection is interesting(ish) but movable and I couldn't find any reference to any in-situ remains

664-015 Local Forum
38.91685694470179, -6.343061468603809

664-016 Roman Wall and Albarrana Islamic Tower
38.91940567877666, -6.34406030846975
The unesco coordinates are more or less at the Sta. Eulalia Basilica, unlike the unesco coordinates for Sta. Eulalia Basilica

664-017 National Museum of Roman Art
38.9171186856137, -6.339654116417394
These are the coordinates of the roman road excavated just after the entrance hall of the museum

664-018 Sta. Eulalia Obelisk
38.91928422993402, -6.3412215927141995

664-019 Roman Bridge over Albarregas River
38.92392482809328, -6.349133677219048

664-020 Temple of Diana
38.91649069014936, -6.344316742429411

664-021 Thermal Baths at Reyes Huertas St.
38.918323122304926, -6.339458984665861
The unesco coordinates are in a large derelict area with low ruins. But they are not the baths!
Interestingly there are more public baths, at 38.91819070652385, -6.341113583715744 and 38.92105031032634, -6.3349589095691, but neither of these are inscribed.

Author elsslots
#386 | Posted: 2 Jun 2022 10:50 
Thanks for the work! I will update the locations.

Author meltwaterfalls
#387 | Posted: 7 Jun 2022 16:22 
We just need to move the marker for Park Matilo on the Lower German Limes

It is currently at 52.133331, 4.516944 but should be at 52.15005548591333, 4.517845220671472

It is essentially contiguous with the Besjeslaan location

Author Astraftis
#388 | Posted: 24 Jul 2022 18:25 | Edited by: Astraftis 
Now, this is funny, because I am suggesting the coordinate correction of a site that cannot be seen anyway. In particular:

Pile dwellings - Italy - IT-LM-04 - Lugana Vecchia (in the municipality of Sirmione) should be placed roughly at 45.46797N, 10.6135E

that is, in front of a jetty of Sirmione's southern lake promenade, as can be appreciated from the official maps (p. 94) and other official material. The map on UNESCO's site is wrong.

Now, since I am at it, if you also want some story... The site that is in our map now is that of another important, but not part of the pile dwellings WHS, site, called le Maraschine (you can go to Scheda completa for some data... future extension? :-D ). The source of confusion, I think, is that this site is nearer to the neighbourhood called Lugana, while Lugana Vecchia is at Colombare, but was so called because it is in front of the former historic restaurant Alla vecchia Lugana (Old Lugana's), similarly to how the name of the other neraby site Belvedere was chosen.

Anyway, I'd like to know that you are looking at the correct spot of water!

Author elsslots
#389 | Posted: 25 Jul 2022 08:16 
coordinate correction of a site that cannot be seen anyway

Updated it! (may take a day or so to become visible at all maps)

Author Astraftis
#390 | Posted: 26 Jul 2022 20:16 | Edited by: Astraftis 
OK, of course I got it wrong myself. The correct rough co-ordinates are: 45.46784N, 10.61332E. Sorry, Els.

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How do I get to visit Aldabra? Forum / How do I get to visit Aldabra? /
 WHS Map - the Data

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