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INVITATION to join Unesco Chair on ICT for Cultural Heritage summer school a tour around Finland.

Author elsslots
#1 | Posted: 6 Jul 2018 09:29 
If you are interested about hands on learning, cultural heritage and travelling, this summer school is for you.

The Department of Future Technologies at University of Turku, is organizing the Summer School with the Unesco Chair on ICT for Cultural Heritage. The theme of the summer school is: "Co-creating on-the-road ICT solutions to promote Sustainable Tourism in World Heritage Sites". Most of the lectures of this summer school will take place on a conference bus, making the format of the summer school quite innovative. We will visit Suomenlinna, Verla, Ilomantsi, Koli, Petäjävesi, Rauma, Seili, etc. So, it is literally, learning on the road. You can see the call for the summer school by visiting the following link:

We would like to have more representative from different countries to join us. During the summer school journey we are looking forward to sketch projects of common interest and try to concertize them. The advantage is we will be working together for 10 days. The main idea is to make this time as productive as possible, merging theory, practice and networking.

Currently the invitation has been open to international practitioners and researchers are the audience of the summer school. We want to offer an immersion in Finland, while at the same time, we can co-design solutions for specific local challenges. In the workshop we are looking forward to produce prototypes so we are targeting to involve different areas of expertise.

Therefore, different stakeholders are involved in the summer school from policy makers, entrepreneurs, business and academics. Within our vision is that the efforts benefit different regions of Finland with this opportunity, and at the same time, the participants who can come from different parts of our globe. So, yes we are being ambitious and we think it is possible.

We still have a couple of sits available, thus also later applications are considered until the maximum quota for participation is reached. If you apply now, and you are accepted, your participation fee will be by July 29th. We will appreciate to have someone of your institution or your network so we can continue to plan to do things together. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best wishes,

Organizing team

Third party initiatives Forum / Third party initiatives /
 INVITATION to join Unesco Chair on ICT for Cultural Heritage summer school a tour around Finland.

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