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2019 WHC Livestream

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Author Solivagant
#16 | Posted: 5 Jul 2019 02:25 
Totally OTT by Norway regarding those SPs who have withdrawn the nominations recommended for "Do not Inscribe" (DNS) - she thanks them for not "opposing the WH Convention" - good God, all they would be doing is to oppose the views of "experts"!!!

Author carlosarion
#17 | Posted: 5 Jul 2019 02:51 
Golden Temple of Dambulla now named Rangiri Dambulla Cave Temple per 43 COM 8B.1

Author carlosarion
#18 | Posted: 5 Jul 2019 03:00 | Edited by: carlosarion 
Italian representative dishing out superlative flowery words to describe the Mediterranean Alps. They simply do not accept the "Not Inscribe" assessment. They are planning to re-nominate it in the future.

Author kintante
#19 | Posted: 5 Jul 2019 03:29 
Migratory Bird Sanctuaries along the Coast of Yellow Sea Bohai Gulf of China inscribed

Author Solivagant
#20 | Posted: 5 Jul 2019 03:52 | Edited by: Solivagant 
Hyrcanian forests inscribed and Iran continues its tradition of meeting inscriptions with a poetry recital from one of its delegation!!!!! On this occasion specially composed for the Inscription!
It takes us back to our visit to that wonderful country and the ability of so many of its peoples to recall poetry by memory!!

Author Solivagant
#21 | Posted: 5 Jul 2019 04:08 | Edited by: Solivagant 
Kaeng Kratchen -
Norway and Oz supports IUCN DEferral recommendation BUT Indonesia feels that Thailand has done what was asked of it and that an Inscription would support Thailand's actions since the originally recommendation not to do so would be "discoouraging" to the SP - Thailand should be given the floor
So "Regional solidarity" rears its head and we get our first disagreement/debate on a Nomination this year!
Hungary doesn't agree but supports IUCN/Norway/Oz.
Brazil - for a REferral - reasons are a bit convoluted - international issues with Myanmar etc etc but also because progress HAS been made.
Kuwait also supports REferral - to avoid "going backwards".
China - points out that "early" inscription of the Bohai Gulf actually supported conservation (i.e no waiting for every part to be ok but choosing a smaller area to start with) - shouldn't KK be treated in the same way??? This property has value as everyone says - now a downgrading to DEferral just seems "wrong"
Cuba also wants to hear from Thailand before it makes a decision.
Azerbaijan also concerned about "consistency" across the WHC's in which this item has been discussed - feel that the SP faithfully tried to implement the requested actions and should be supported in that -new legislation, striking a balance between conservation and rights of peoples, constructive discussions with Myanmar. - feels that Crit X has been met by these actions.
Cuba - also supports Brazilian suggestion
Kyrgyz - seems to not support IUCN
Tanzan - also supports Brazil, Kuwait, China for REferral

Thailand - "I was present in Istanbul when WHC made its recommendations" - we have carried out those with good faith!!!! Is pushing for INSCRIPTION - referral isn't enough given everything it has done and sends out the wrong message.
Myanmar is given the floor (introduced by China!!! It would seem that they have it all tied up between them) - confirms that meetings with Thailand on border matters have gone well - all it wants to ensure is that no part of the nomination COULD turn out to be inside Myanmar - and it feels that this has been achieved.
The UN Human rights rep does not agree that the Karens have been properly treated and opposes anything which doesn't involve a full resubmission and evaluation - i.e DEferral!!!
IUCN - we have received new info here regarding new legislation and new maps/statements from Myanmar about the border. Don't underplay the potential impact of the new borders on Values -they might be ok for relations with Myanmar but .......!! Also IUCN doesn't regard a DEFerral as a "downgrade" - rather just a recognition that a new evaluation is required after 5 (?) years
Rapporteur - Indonesia has proposed amendment to INSCRIBE on Crit X. (on basis of new legislation/agreements with Myanmar etc etc).
"Centre" reminds the WHC that changes to boundaries should NOT be made when there is a REferral!!!! And Thailand HAS made significant changes.
Chair -so we have to choose between Inscribe, DEfer and REfer - how to decide????
Indonesia comes back in - thinks that not inscribing is just a disincentive to the SP to do things to protect this site.
China - an important property which merits proper consideration - the SP is nominating this property to help PRESERVE it - therefore why not give the SP encouragement - we are prepared to support inscription (!!!! If China is in favour of INSCR that is a big step). This property has been "under inscription" for 5 years
Chair proposes a sub group meeting outside the main meeting to reach a decision.
Cuba is now also supporting China for Inscription - so - up to 3 (Indon/China/Cuba.....) (Brazil poss?)
OZ - can't support INSCR - wants DEferral - it isn't a downgrade just a recognition of the situation but wouldn't oppose a REferral if it included a revised nomination etc etc (but then it isn't truly a REferral!!!). Wants the UNCHR to be involved properly (Human Rights)
Spain - wants addit info before deciding.
Norway - supports OZ
Angola - supports chair proposal of outside consultations
Chair - ok, give the working group the chance to look at the new info (maps of Myanmar agreement etc) - he himself feels that REferral would be the best compromise.
Cuba - the new maps have been e-mailed today!!!!
Working Group - OZ/Indon/Nor/Kuw/Tun/Cuba (but not China!!)

Author Colvin
#22 | Posted: 5 Jul 2019 04:17 | Edited by: Colvin 
Seems like a lot of parties want Thailand to take the floor and address recent legislative regulatory efforts; not sure when they'd get to speak since everyone seems to have an opinion on this nomination!

Also, nice hat by the Kyrgyz representative!

That was rather bold of Thailand to push straight for inscription! Also, doesn't look like Myanmar is in favor of a transnational inscription anytime soon.

Indonesia acknowledges changes have been made, but doesn't want Thailand to get discouraged after all their work over the years, so favors inscription. Personally, with the unevaluated changes from this year, I'd like to see IUCN get a fresh evaluation, so I'd be happier with a deferral.

Author elsslots
#23 | Posted: 5 Jul 2019 04:50 
Lunch break now

Author Colvin
#24 | Posted: 5 Jul 2019 04:58 
Always nice to get a long lunch break!

I like the working group compromise that was established for Kaeng Krachan. I don't particularly like the view of the Chinese representative that the committee should lean in favor of inscription when a state party submits a natural nomination, since it shows that the state party is committed to preservation. I applaud any state party's desire to preserve national parks, but not every place has OUV.

Author meltwaterfalls
#25 | Posted: 5 Jul 2019 05:26 
Good morning Colvin. I'm impressed by that early start, real dedication.

I don't think I'm going to get much of a chance to follow along today or tomorrow so I'm delighted that you guys are putting in your usual efforts.

Author Colvin
#26 | Posted: 5 Jul 2019 05:51 
Good morning meltwaterfalls, as well as to the rest of the UK and Europe (and good evening to the Philippines). These sessions are a lot of fun to watch, and I appreciate the updates everyone has been providing, especially from Solivagant, who has been putting in great effort detailing the discussions. I'm looking forward to the next couple of days!

Author Solivagant
#27 | Posted: 5 Jul 2019 05:55 | Edited by: Solivagant 
Good morning Colvin

Good morning Meltwaterfalls - Don't I get a "good morning"??

I like the working group compromise that was established for Kaeng Krachan

So, the Working Group (WG) has 2 in favour of Inscribe (Indon/Cub), 2 in favour of Defer (Oz/Nor) and 2 who were Refer (Kuw/Tun - I think Tunisia was of that opinion) - and China the "eminence grise" sitting outside and favouring "INSCR" but still "influencing" things presumably!! Which way will Tunisia/Kuwait move. And, if the WG proposes "Inscribe" on the basis of 4 to 2 would the whole WHC go along with it or would we have to have a vote?
REfer seems to me to be the worst result - clearly the earlier nomination and its "on site visit" is out of date and outside agreed procedures and why would IUCN come up with a different answer than last time based solely on a "desk review" - despite the new maps and new laws.
DEfer has the worry that Thai/Myanmar are not going to agree their border in the near future so the IUCN concern about a boundary based on straight lines (which seems the only way out until they do) will remain since it clearly doesn't follow any "eco boundaries". Also - are the Karen EVER going to be "happy" with whatever Thailand offers them. Defer has the danger therefore that the site drops off the radar, dams get built, logging takes place etc. Sometimes the "perfect" is the enemy of the "pretty good"
INSCR at least gets KKFC "inside" the WH orbit and ability to control to some extent/place on danger list etc etc. I personally feel that IUCN are digging in their heels on matters which are not going to get resolved in the near future - they clearly see OUV and are just wanting to dot all the i's/cross the t's. If they can inscribe a small part of the Bohai flats as the first stage on a much larger series of nominations covering the whole flyway area then why can't they inscribe a part of KKFC with more to come later when appropriate? But, having visited KKFC and therefore with another "tick" in sight, maybe I am biassed!!!

Author Colvin
#28 | Posted: 5 Jul 2019 05:57 
Good morning, Solivagant! And thanks again for your updates!

Author winterkjm
#29 | Posted: 5 Jul 2019 06:07 
China will now equal Italy in total world heritage sites.

Italy - 54 + 1 = 55
China - 53 + 2 = 55

Author meltwaterfalls
#30 | Posted: 5 Jul 2019 06:08 
Don't I get a "good morning"??

Of course :), though the extra special, unprompted one, was for the 4 am start.

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