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Author Colvin
#16 | Posted: 29 Jan 2016 23:14 
I guess since I was the last to respond, it might as well fall on me to provide the updated summary. For this category there were eleven members who voted (including a bold "no passing grade for the lot of you"). I'm awarding half a point for Solivagant's maybes. Accordingly, I'm highlighting in bold those chosen by 6.5-11 members and italicizing those chosen by 1.5-6 members. Here's where we stand:

Bauhaus - for its contribution to modern architecture (4.5 votes)
UNAM - for its modernist architecture, murals, and status as an active campus (3.5 votes)
Dengfeng - Chinese monuments, including the Songyang Academy of Classical Learning, at the base of a sacred mountain (1.5 votes)
Jantar Mantar - prime example of an astronomical site, and highlighting non-Western science (8.5 votes)
Cordoba (Argentina)
Monticello - architecture and design, as well as the combined faculty and student learning environment of the University of Virginia (1.5 votes)
Museum Island Berlin - for its contribution to museology (6.5 votes)
Plantin Moretus - for its importance in printing (3 votes)
Royal Exhibition Building
Salamanca - best of the European University cities (5 votes)
Struve Geodetic Arc

Author elsslots
#17 | Posted: 30 Jan 2016 04:25 
I'll bring these over to the main page at

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