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Author meltwaterfalls
#16 | Posted: 6 Dec 2015 18:18 
Is there a none of the above option:) I'm sure the little green man will delight in seeing bad portraits wealthy people's hunting dogs and shelves of crockery.

I guess Versailles is the obvious European palace example,

I rather liked Wurzburg, mostly for its main staircase, but I'm not going to argue too hard to include it, one European palace is enough for me.

I think I would support Changdeokgung, mostly for the combination with the garden which is rather magnificent

Author winterkjm
#17 | Posted: 6 Dec 2015 20:46 | Edited by: winterkjm 
the exclusion of next door Changgyeonggung.

Interesting, I haven't thought of that. I am not so sure it is deserving either for Top 200. I just view it as much or more deserving than the plethora of palaces from Europe (excluding a select few).

Author Colvin
#18 | Posted: 6 Dec 2015 21:56 
Is there a none of the above option:)

I forgot how much you love palaces based on your reviews! :-)

I probably enjoy palaces a little more, though I'm going to limit the European ones, since there might be ways to get representatives in other categories on the list. I like Durian's way of organization:

1. Imperial Palace -- former palaces of the Ming and Qing dynasties, and great architecture to represent East Asia
2. Agra Fort -- once center of the Mughal Empire, and represents South Asia well
3. Golestan Palace -- hybrid between Persian and Western traditions, representing European influence in palace design during the 19th century
4. Fasil Ghebbi -- fortress city formerly home to the Ethiopian royal family, and it represents east Africa
5. Versailles -- influential in European palatial design, and played an important role in history; also has memorable gardens; best representative for modern Europe
6. Wartburg -- best example for a feudal castle/palace in Europe; also ties into Protestant history, as Els mentioned

There are some other palaces that probably should get a mention, but I'm not sure if I'd choose them for Top 200. These include Ambohimanga (Madagascar); Abomey (west Africa); and Chan Chan (pre-Columbian America -- Archaeological Site, Pre-Columbian category). Unfortunately, the palaces of the Inca Empire in Cuzco and the Aztec Empire in Mexico City didn't survive colonization; otherwise I would definitely consider them for this list.

Author fr4nc1sc4
#19 | Posted: 7 Dec 2015 00:53 
My selection:


Author meltwaterfalls
#20 | Posted: 7 Dec 2015 05:14 | Edited by: meltwaterfalls 
I would include abomey largely as a representation of an African polity at the time of slavery and European expansion.

Actually yeah I would certainly support this, there are going to be big gaps in Africa so I would look very kindly on reasonable proposals from across the continent, especially for cultural sites. Also since I first saw it I have been rather fascinated with Abomey I love the sculptures, it helps that one of Mrs Meltwaterfalls' friends worked on restoration projects there.

Fassil Ghebbi seems viable to me, I know virtually nil about the culture of Madagascar, so s anyone well placed to talk about the merits of Ambohimanga?

Also does Chief Roi Mata's Domain squeeze into this category? I'm basically looking for anything to dilute the European palaces.

Author elsslots
#21 | Posted: 24 Dec 2015 12:06 
I see that I have forgotten to summarize this one.

Agra - once center of the Mughal Empire, and represents South Asia well
Ambohimanga - representative of royal site in an African context
Blenheim - representative of British palaces and manor houses and lanscape gardening
Changdeokgung - major site representative of Korean architecture
Escurial - for the concept of combining a palace with a monastery
Fasil Ghebbi - fortress city formerly home to the Ethiopian royal family, and it represents east Africa
Beijing and Shenyang palaces - for the Forbidden City
National History Park Haïti - represents an extraordinary piece of Haitian history during its first phase of an independent nation
Caserta - biggest palace in Europe
Abomey - representative of West African kingdoms
Summer Palace Beijing
Versailles - became template for palaces all over Europe
Wartburg - "the ideal castle" Central-European style, also connected to the evolution of Protestantism

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