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Croatia - Bosnia - Montenegro (split - mostar - kotor triangle)

Author christravelblog
#1 | Posted: 20 Jan 2020 08:01 | Edited by: christravelblog 
Hi everyone!
I'm planning a trip to Croatia , Bosnia and Montenegro to visit WHS + TWHS. I concentrate on a "small" area as there are many WHS (and even more TWHS). So i'm NOT including northern sites in either country.

Is this a do-able itinerary? I have a rental car and the 2 day trips to the islands I plan to take the car OR will get a bike on the island.

Thu 23 Apr Arrive and to hotel in split
Fri 24 Apr Dag trip triogr sibenik primosten (oost)
Sat 25 Apr Split day
Sun 26 Apr To Brac and back to split
Mon 27 Apr To stari grad and back to split
Tue 28 Apr to mostar stay there (croatian stecci velika, Počitelj and end mostar)
Wed 29 Apr Day trip from mostar (blidinje? and more mostar
Thu 30 Apr To dubrovnik passing blagaj, polac, vjetrinaca cave
Fri 1 May Ston + korcula back to Dubrovnik
Sat 2 May To Ulcinj + bar to podcorica
Sun 3 May Doclea (podcorica) cetinji to Kotor
Mon 4 May Day in Kotor to Dubrovnik
Tue 5 May See dubrovnik and depart evening?
Wed 6 may Or depart here?

Author elsslots
#2 | Posted: 20 Jan 2020 09:40 
I don't think the TWHS are particularly interesting in this area, so personally I wouldn't devote so much time to them.
Are you doing Durmitor NP as well?

Author meltwaterfalls
#3 | Posted: 20 Jan 2020 14:38 
I've only done the first half of your trip Split to Mostar and that is broadly how much time we gave everything (though we didn't go to Brac and stayed overnight in Šibenik because if logistics, though our night there ended up being a highlight).

If you have your own car then yeah I think that looks like a good amount of time, not too rushed, but not a wasted day.

Primo stem is a nice place to stop on the drive from Trogir to Šibenik, but I still can't really work out if we saw the vineyards.

One thing I will say is that Saturday in Split was very busy (we visited in October), much more so than the Thursday when we first arrived.

Author christravelblog
#4 | Posted: 21 Jan 2020 11:10 
Durmitor doesn't fit in my schedule as it's now. I plan to return one day to do north montenegro, and also that bridge in bosnia visegrad plus serbia (Sarajevo to Belgrade, towards Nis and then Kosovo back up including north-east montenegro. And I hope to have then 2 weeks with 3 weekends. I'm stuck with May school holidays here that run from thursday to tuesday (so just 2 weekends). really annoying.

also, I have the family with me and they don't want to change hotel every day. so; this was kind of a middle thing.

but, I could skip the montenegro TWHS completely and go to Durmitor NP of course. So 2-3 may do Durmitor NP. Have to see but honestly my idea later could be sarajevo - visegrad to Durmitor. then from there drive into Serbia.

One thing I will say is that Saturday in Split was very busy

Ok! i have options there the change a day trip. Tnx for the input.

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 Croatia - Bosnia - Montenegro (split - mostar - kotor triangle)

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