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Author Sjobe
#16 | Posted: 13 Jun 2020 06:34 
Whilst I wouldn't put it near the top 50 missing, the post war housing initiative is certainly interesting, as someone who grew up in and around the UK equivalent it certainly resonates with me, though I don't really know enough to comment on this proposals specific merits.

Interesting to hear that Ian. Settlement, housing, relocation, colonization... I don't even know what is a correct English word or translation to this issue, but it is still quite significant in Finland. Evacuation of Finnish Karelia was a big thing and it still has a big impact in Finnish society. So called Rintamamiestalo (War-front soldier's house) is a standardized house which were built in big amounts throughout the country, and that house type is particularly loved by Finns.

Author Sjobe
#17 | Posted: 28 Jun 2020 05:20 | Edited by: Sjobe 
Based on the tentative list report mentioned above I give some early tips for a World Heritage traveller who wants to visit sites for possible future Finnish TWHS or WHS, around the current WHS.

Helsinki area
- Paasitorni – Helsinki Workers' House (A Labor Movement site. Eat and drink in a legendary Juttutupa "Chat House" restaurant.)
- Alvar Aalto home and studio, and other Aalto buildings: Helsinki University of Technology campus, Finlandia Hall, Kulttuuritalo, among others (probably not TWHS sites but give an interesting background for this TWHS)
- Söderskär Lighthouse (regular day cruises from Helsinki Market Square, also accommodation in the island)
- Olympic buildings (many buildings, all functionalist style)

Turku area
- Paimio Sanatorium (absolutely will be a future Alvar Aalto TWHS site, a short drive or bus trip from Turku)
- Office Building for Turun Sanomat Newspaper (Maybe a TWHS site, Alvar Aalto early work in the very center of Turku. The first completely functionalist style building in Finland.)
- Laivateollisuus Residential Area, so called "shipbuilders village" (probably a TWHS "post-war settlement site", outside Turku center)
- Utö Lighthouse (If there is ever a site of Finnish lighthouses, Utö Lighthouse will be in it. It is the oldest lighthouse of Finland. A ferry to Utö leaves from Nauvo near Turku. There is also accommodation in the island.)
- Bengtskär Lighthouse (The tallest lighthouse in the Nordic countries. A ferry to Bengtskär leaves from Kasnäs near Turku. There is also accommodation in the island.)

Jyväskylä area
- Säynätsalo Town Hall (Very likely a TWHS in Aalto serial site. 20 minutes from Jyväskylä and Oravivuori Struve point. There is also a guest house in the building.)
- Muuratsalo Experimental House (Likely a TWHS in Aalto serial site. 20 minutes from Jyväskylä and Oravivuori Struve point.)

Vaasa area
- Valassaaret Lighthouse (inside a Kvarken Archipelago WHS, regular cruises from Svedjehamn during summers)
- Norrskär, Ritgrund, Strömmingsbådan (Other historic lighthouses inside a Kvarken Archipelago WHS. Occasional cruises, mainly chartered.)

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