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Author Assif
#1 | Posted: 7 Oct 2017 11:37 | Edited by: Assif 
Anyone knows what has become of this conference?

Author Durian
#2 | Posted: 7 Oct 2017 23:07 | Edited by: Durian 
Extract from Kyodo

A proposal to rebuild the Great Buddha by experts from around the world was reported, and the Japanese proposal to build a monument at another place was proposed. It also showed the German plan to rebuild to the destroyed Buddha and the Italian proposal using marble.

The Afghan government is requesting the rebuilding of the Great Buddha, but in principle the reconstruction is not permitted in order to secure the authenticity of the ruins. Mr. Masatoshi Nagaoka, head of the cultural department of the UNESCO Association for Educational, Scientific and Cultural Affairs (UNESCO) Kabul officials said, "There is a debate that it should be accepted if reconstruction of cultural assets leads to peacebuilding," and propose an international rule to make a clear moving forward.

Approximately 300 people including citizens participated. The Afghan government will set up a committee in the future and will continue to consider the proposal.

A German geologist, Matthias Ehler, said that the walls of Western Big Buddha (55 meters high) faced a risk of collapse due to weathering, need urgent reinforcement. Mr. Ehler is responsible for reinforcing the Western Big Buddha that began in September. "We can not deny that the collapse will proceed if an earthquake occurs, as dangers are involved in the work of high places, now full-scale reinforcement is needed as soon as the foothold is assembled." The work required 2 million dollars over three years, seeking support from the international community such as Japan.

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