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Author sveinh
#16 | Posted: 3 Aug 2018 06:19 
Yes Waterton was great - in spite of all the burnt trees. The remaining naked trees gave us a better view than it would full of leaves. Our planed scenic drive had to be cancelled though, and that was a pity.

Author clyde
#17 | Posted: 11 Aug 2018 04:37 
Well done sveinh! One hell of a trip :) Your plan also helps those who are short of annual leave days and might want to cover Canada's WHS over 2 separate trips.

Did you drive a 4WD vehicle on the LONG gravel roads? I never drove a 4WD vehicle but had to drive very slow in Laponia where there were 50km gravel roads due to road works. I guess it helps keep you well alert while driving, especially if you're the only driver!

Author elsslots
#18 | Posted: 11 Aug 2018 07:31 | Edited by: elsslots 
For those looking for a West-Canada itinerary, here is mine from 2014:
30 Aug: direct flight Amsterdam - Calgary with KLM (overnight Calgary)
31 Aug: Dinosaur Provincial Park (WHS1), 2.5 hr drive. (overnight Brooks)
1 Sept: To Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park (TWHS) (overnight Lethbridge)
2 Sept: To Head-Smashed-in-Buffalo Jump (WHS2). And 1.5 hr drive on to Waterton Nationaal Park (WHS3). (overnight Waterton Glacier Suites, Waterton)
3 Sept: Hike to Bertha Lake (overnight Waterton)
4 Sept: Another day in Waterton (overnight Waterton)
5 Sept: Drive to Canmore (4 hr) (overnight Canmore)
6 Sept: Canadian Rocky Mountains (WHS4) Banff area (overnight Canmore)
7 Sept: day hike in Rockies (overnight Canmore)
8 Sept: drive Icefield Parkway from Canmore to Jasper Nationaal Park. (overnight Jasper)
9 Sept: day hiking around Jasper (overnight Jasper)
10 Sept: drive to spot wildlife in Maligne Canyon, Maligne Lake and Meitte Hot Springs. (overnight Jasper) (got snowed in that day!)
11 Sept: short hike Valley of Five Lakes (2 hr). Drive on to Edmonton. Stop at Beaver Boardwalk in Hinton (overnight Edmonton)
12 Sept: visit Elk Island National Park (overnight Edmonton)
13 Sept: return to Calgary, and then flight back to Amsterdam arriving next morning

(In hindsight, I'd recommend to skip the Edmonton area)

Author sveinh
#19 | Posted: 11 Aug 2018 13:16 
I guess you've got all the answers you needed on the WhatsApp Clyde but everybody's not there.

We drove av SUV not a 4WD, but you can do it with at normal car (not a low sports car though). The gravel roads are good on the Trans Labrador Highway, the gravel is not very loose gravel. They work on paving the remaining gravel roads, so in a year or two the gravel are history. I think we did round 60-70 km/h (or 35-45 miles/h). After 400 km on the gravel - you're in heaven - driving on paved roads makes it beautiful silenced!

The itinerary itself I must credit Randi, she worked it out, but i suggested on joining them as one trip.

The long streches is what most people dislike in our itinerary and we had a couple of those. It was one into Labrador and one into The Northwest Territories, both northbound and were round 1000 km long. I can understand that going alone on such a strech would be a hassle, but going as a pair its just a matter of attitude. We live in Norway, it's the edge of Europe. Going to central Europe is about 1000 km sometimes more, so we're kind of used to such distances. I relax when I'm driving - and drive more than Randi, but when I'm feeling a bit tired Randi takes over. We have al ot of music, audiobooks (that's important), quiz games and we just enjoy each others company in the car. Also we usually bring lunch along and stop for picnics. The difference between going south to Europe and north in Canada is a kind of explorer feeling which I like, and as you enter "no mans land" there are unpredictable wild animal life - seeing a bear along then road is a thrill.

We were warned about insects, and I didn't look forward to being eaten my a million mosquitoes. The snow usually disappear early June up here - and the insects needs another month to appear i seams. We saw very few insects in Labrador and Newfoundland (late June), but there really a lot in Northwest Territories (mid July).

The strech from Labrador City to the east coast its another 1000 km, but we split it in two parts. Labrador City is a small community but Happy Valley Goose Bay is a bigger - and we stayed overnight there. It's a little more interesting to explore than Labrador City. Arriving at the east coast - just north of Red Bay - gives you a satisfactory feeling - a feeling of an achivement. Really - it's nothing - just driving - but still a good feeling. From this "starting point" up north - it's a piece of cake "collecting" the WHS's "down the road". Well crossing Newfoundland is also a strech of 1000 km or more, but this "continent" is more inhabited so stopovers are more easy, and the lobsters are just delicious.
There are two ferries to Nova Scotia, one from the east part of Newfoundland, a voyage for about 15 hours, and one from the west part, about 6 hours. We would prefer the eastern ferry - not far from Mistaken Point - but we where to late booking it so we had to drive back to the western part.

Cruising around Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and back to Quebec is just "a walk in the park"!

And don't forget - the lobster capital is Shediac New Brunswick.

Author GaryArndt
#20 | Posted: 5 Oct 2018 11:11 

Author elsslots
#21 | Posted: 5 Oct 2018 11:21 
Canada's largest national park risks losing world heritage status t-climate-change

This is a bit of "old news" from the timeframe around the 2018 WHC meeting. There's no immediate risk of it becoming endangered or even losing the WH status (something that rarely happens anyway). I even cannot find it having been discussed at the 2018 meeting.

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