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Author nfmungard
#1 | Posted: 10 Oct 2016 09:30 | Edited by: nfmungard 
Having seen most of Poland's WHS some random thoughts on them. Not sure where I should write a full review:

Wooden Churches and Tserkvas:
* Surprisingly nice. Would have loved to see more. If only I had a car, it hadn't been raining ...
* If you just want to tick this off, going to Gorlice is the best choice (1 Tserkva, 2 Churches nearby). There is a direct bus from Krakow. And you can continue to Rzeszow and from there further east (Zamosc). Locally, I would just get a cab (120 Zloty to see all three).
* As stated by others, opening times are really hard to discern. I entered 2, I saw 4.
* If you are in Cracow the easiest visit is to Debne (near Zakopane). Unless you hit your head while hiking in the Carpathians and have to go to the ER instead. The church (at least it says so on their web site) is only open if it's not raining. You may need to get a cab in Nowy Targ

* A connection to Lwiw can be made by going by local bus to Tomaszow Lubelski (every 30min nearby the main bus station). From there a bus to Lwiw is available. It does not depart from the amin bus station but from where the local bus drops you (Armii Krajowej Parking). Be prepared: You will spend 1-2h at the border. I got my ticket at
* If you get off at Schowkwa, you can see another Tserkva. From there frequent local busses will take you to Lwiw. The Schowkwa is probably open for service during evening (5:30h). And Schowkwa itself is nice.

Tentative - Tarnowskie Gory Lead-Silver Mine and its Underground Water Management System
* There is a train station in town, but from there it's still quite a walk to the mine.
* The mine is rather modern. I don't see why this should be inscribed next year.

Useful links:
* -> Local bus connections. Not complete, but way better than google maps. I recommend getting the app.

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