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Author nfmungard
#1 | Posted: 26 Sep 2016 08:31 | Edited by: nfmungard 
Having crossed the 50% mark (8/15) this weekend for Sweden (Karlskrona, Öland, Visby 3x Stockholm, Falun, Farm Houses) and seeing that the last inscription (decorated farm houses) really represents a niche nomination, I was wondering what future sites (if any) Sweden would have to offer?

From the tentative list you have Linné in Uppsala. I have to say I see more tangible OUV in these sites than in Darwin's home and would actually be open to inscription. Linne was a gardener, created parks and museums to show case his understanding of plants and had a way of teaching biology and classifying nature closely tied to Uppsala.

I didn't see any references to Sweden in the aspiring thread. Spit balling I could see:

* Old town of Stockholm. This is nice.
* Early Christian churches. Very little religious sites as of now for Sweden.
* Swedish lakes and inhabitants. I do think the landscapes the Swedish created re lakes and islands are very nice.
* Swedish design? There must be some building post '45 that makes the cut seeing the global success of Swedish design, at least when it comes to fashion and furniture.

Or maybe they are just done.

Author vantcj1
#2 | Posted: 26 Sep 2016 11:29 | Edited by: vantcj1 
Hi, everyone! nfmungard
I also think that Stockholm city center would be a nice addition to the list. Uppsala's Historic Center is great as well, very authentic and well conserved, with the best cathedral in that country. As you all may already know, I have no trouble with more historic centers and cathedrals.

But if we are talking about bringing balance to the list, definitely the Linneo nomination would do.
Swedish design?

I think that Erik Gunnar Asplund's Stockholm Public Library is a masterpiece, it incorporated technical innovations in its time, and it represents the transition from functionalist neoclassicism to functionalist modern architecture, that happened very easily in Scandinavia. He already has Skogskyrkogården inscribed, but if Gropius has more than one WH site to his toll, why not one more from Asplund? And it also represents the implementation of welfare state programs throughout the world. There should be also other Swedish modern architecture works of notice.

Author winterkjm
#3 | Posted: 2 Nov 2016 22:42 | Edited by: winterkjm 
Planning a two week visit to Denmark and Sweden June/July 2017. I already purchased airfare. Surprisingly, under $600 USD from LAX to Copenhagen (1 stop) and returning via Stockholm back to LAX (1 stop). I have family and numerous relatives that live on Öland Island. This will be my first time back to Europe in 10 years! Currently, I plan for 3 days in Copenhagen, 7-8 days in Öland, and 3 days in Stockholm. From Öland, I will have the convenience of making day (or overnight) trips to Karlskrona and Visby. I will spend the Midsummer holiday in Öland, which should be fun.

Planned WHS


I do have a couple questions that I'd appreciate any help with. What is the best travel option between Copenhagen and Kalmar, Sweden? Secondly, any suggestions on itinerary? Is the Copenhagen Card $95 - 3 days worth it? Any highlights you would recommend spending a bit more time (or money) for?

Is ENGELSBERG IRONWORKS worth a half day trip, when I only have 3 days in Stockholm? Perhaps, a short trip to Upsalla would be a better use of time? I planned to bypass STEVNS KLINT, while in Denmark in favor of Roskilde and other sites in and around Copenhagen. In regards to the now somewhat infamous Par Force Hunting Landscape, I was tentatively planning to visit the far closer JAGERSBORG HEGN/JAGERSBORG DYREHAVE portion of the property. Please let my know any of your thoughts or suggestions! Thanks.

Author elsslots
#4 | Posted: 3 Nov 2016 13:00 
Good to hear that you're making the long trip (and that you have family on Öland, how nice!).

In regards to the now somewhat infamous Par Force Hunting Landscape, I was tentatively planning to visit the far closer JAGERSBORG HEGN/JAGERSBORG DYREHAVE portion of the property

I plan to visit it either in December (2016) or February (2017), so I'll write up a report.

What is the best travel option between Copenhagen and Kalmar, Sweden?

I rented a car, but it is an expensive option (you'll also have to pay toll on the bridge to Malmö). And you will return to the USA from Stockholm, so it's not practical anyway. Train is possibly the best.

Author nfmungard
#5 | Posted: 3 Nov 2016 16:54 
Parts of this belong in the Danish WHS topic.... Anyhow.

3 Days Copenhagen (I assume full days):
* Helsingborg and Par force can easily be combined as parts of Par Force are on the same metro line as Helsingborg. I would plan max 2h for Helsingborg and 3h for par force hiking from one metro station to the previous one (see my review). So you should be back in the afternoon as could do some sightseeing of Copenhagen.
* Roskilde is a quick visit (1h, maybe 2h if you want to see the town), so again you should have time in the afternoon to do some Copenhagen sightseeing.
* Stevns Klint is a day trip if you use public transport. It takes two hours to get there. I had bad experiences with weekends, so be sure to check on google maps. Or better yet at (hojerup kirke should be it). You should be back in the afternoon, so again, you have some time to see more of Copenhagen.

Copenhagen to Karlskrona to Kalmar to Visby to Stockholm
* Train from Copenhagen to Karlskrona (4h).
* Bus from Kalrskrona to Kalmar (1:30h).
* Bus from Kalmar to Oskarshamn and ferry to Visby.

Going from Kopenhagen via Karlskrona to Kalmar is feasible in a day withouth much hassle. Same applies for the trip via Visby to Stockholm, so I would skip the excursions from Öland (would be detours anyhow).

To check connections (dearly recommended, especially if you are travelling on the weekend, I would either use the national rail site of Sweden or Denmark. Or the German one ( is pretty amazing and the Danish site imho is using the same software.

On your days in Stockholm:
* Birka (or more precisely Hövgarden) and Drottingholm can be combined in a day trip. I would first go to Hövgarden and then stop at Drottingholm. Both are on the same bus line.
* The mines (Falun and Engelsberg) imho can be combined in a strenuous day trip if you are travelling there during the week (no holiday, in summer, mon-fri). Falun is actually easier to reach as there is an occasional direct train connection. Historically, it's also the more important site from what I understand.
* The cemetery should easily give you half a day for sightseeing.

Imho, given the savings you could achieve by going to Karlskrona and Visby while in transit, I would consider adding a day to your Stockholm visit.

Author winterkjm
#6 | Posted: 3 Nov 2016 22:37 
Thank you nfmungard! You give me much to think about. I look forward to your review Els. I'm afraid I can't be too ambitious with some WHS, long excursions away from centers of culture and food would surely end in disappoint for my wife!

Author meltwaterfalls
#7 | Posted: 7 Nov 2016 11:55 
Sounds like a lovely trip winterkjm, especially being there for Midsummer with family.

In regards to the Swedish WHS not much to add to what has already been said. But in regards to Englesberg & Falun vs Uppsala I think I would opt for Uppsala. It is easy to get to and one of Scandinavia's nicest and historically significant cities, it also has part of Swedens only tentative site. I liked Engelsberg but I don't think it would necessarily be worth a long trip to see. As nfmungard states Falun is easier to get to, though further away, but it left me a little uninspired, though others seem to have enjoyed it more than me.

For Denmark it is easy to combine Helsingborg and Par Force Hunting Landscape. If you view the PFHL as a nice place to get a walk and see some deer it may be worthwhile. A walk between the two the two stations via the Hermitage could be enjoyable, but to be honest I didn't gain anything significant from a visit that I wouldn't have gotten from a 30 minute stroll into the forest from Klampenborg station.

Stevns Klint is nice but not sure I would make the effort by public transport if I was short on time.

Anyway enjoy the trip and if you need any other advice just shout. Most importantly make sure you eat your own body weight in pastry, not much can beat a Wienerbrod or Kannelbule for me.

Author winterkjm
#8 | Posted: 7 May 2017 12:00 | Edited by: winterkjm 
Based on my upcoming itinerary, I might be able to add some useful information in regards to Southern Öland and the Par Force Hunting Landscape in Denmark. (3 nights in Copenhagen, 7 nights in Öland, and 4 nights in Stockholm)

Having a whole week in Öland will be a unique experience. My cousin and other relations live there, so I will certainly have easy access to all the sites, landscapes, and highlights of the island (both South and North portions). In fact, there is a church cemetery with several of my ancestors graves. I will also be present in Öland for the Midsummer holiday, which is supposed to be quite the event.

After reading the reviews, looking at the nomination file, I feel the best plan for visiting the Par Force Hunting Landscape is a picnic and stroll in the Jaegersborg Dyrehave area, which will be complimented by a guided tour of the Hermitage. Tours are only available during the Summer, and from our reviews here, I think no one has yet taken part in one? Hopefully, this 45 minute tour alongside a picnic and stroll in the park, will make for an enjoyable and more rich visiting experience than some of the "depressing slogs" described by our users here. (cough...Ian)

Furthermore, I am planning a day-trip our to Kalmar and then Karlskrona, which based on my relatively relaxed schedule may offer me the time to explore some of the various components of this somewhat mysterious Naval WHS and to discover its OUV!

On another note, one upside to this journey is I haven't visited a European Castle or Palace in 10 years, so its doubtful I will have the dreaded European Castle/Palace fatigue.

Author elsslots
#9 | Posted: 7 May 2017 12:02 
Are you planning to go to Visby as well, winterkjm?

Author winterkjm
#10 | Posted: 7 May 2017 12:08 | Edited by: winterkjm 
Probably not, I was thinking about it. The cost is a bit much, and it would make more sense to at least spend one night there. By doing so, I am loosing a day or two with family. Moreover, while one week in Öland sounds like a lot of time, we'll stay busy with trips within and outside the island, as well as meeting family members.

Author nfmungard
#11 | Posted: 1 May 2019 03:54 
Planning on finishing Sweden end of May with two pretty terrible hikes. Maybe someone can comment... Peter?

Thu Evening Flight Arlanda -> Gällivare.

* Hike from Gällivare to Porjus (Raller Path). 44km. Yeah. Pretty historic as it's related to my employer's founding.
* Visit of the Hydro Power Plant in Porjus and our facilities.
* Bus back to Gällivare. Hope to catch a bus around 18h. If hike takes too long then 20h.

* Train to Lulea. Visit Gammelstad.
* Train/Bus to Docksta (arrival at 22.30h -> another yeah).

* Hike Docksta -> Bjästa (27km) via the National Park.
* Train to Uppsala at 15:40h.

Any comments?

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