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Author nfmungard
#46 | Posted: 26 Oct 2022 06:59 
Small summary of my trips with reflections

Day 1 - Arrival Tashkent
* Tashkent city and tentative site
* Org. stuff

Day 2 - Flight Nukus
* Excursion to Sudochye Lake with a 4WD. Paul and I investigated the nomination file and this is one of the components as of now.
* Visit to Nukus Art Museum. => Interesting, not great.

Day 3 - Nukus to Khiva
* Took a shared cab to Urgench. Was a bit complicated. Got off early to see one of the Desert Castles (T): Pil Kala. I would not recommend it.
* Shared cabs depart in Nukus at the highway towards Urgency (42.432883, 59.651132).

Day 4 - Silk Roads and Khiva
* Khiva is pretty great.
* There are two silk road related sites nearby. I only visited the mausoleum. Nice.

Day 5 - Khiva to Bukhara
* Arranged for a driver via islambek travel. Very helpful.
* Driver took me to three more desert castles. Ayaz Kala is a must.

Day 6 - Bukhara and Silk Roads
* Arranged for a driver again via islambek travel. Took me to some silkroad sites around Bukhara. The Tomb of Shaykh Baha-ud-Din was stunning.

Day 7 - Bukhara to Samarkand via Shahrisabz
* Got a driver again from the same travel agency. Easiest to tick Shahrisabz when travelling between Bukhara and Samarkand. I would recommend ticking it off along the way.
* Taking the train looks fast, but isn't. Train station is way outside. And you need to be early to clear security etc.

Day 8 - Sarazm
* Crossed the border and visited Sarazm. 50? countries have visa free entry.
* You can walk from the border to the site. Entry was 3$ (30 local currency) that I exchanged behind the border.
* Tajikistan border didn't even give me an exit stamp when I left.
* At the border there is another silk road site. You can hop a minibus to the site. From the site you can easily get shared cab to Samarkand.
* Some Samarkand

Day 9 - Samarkand => Tashkent
* The usual. Entries really suck. They should just sell a Samarkand card.
* I didn't manage to see the two extra components, nobody talks about.
* 19/20 century heritage is a joke.
* Had to take the slow (4h) train as the fast train was sold out a week ahead. Website also didnt work.

Day 10 - Nevich / Mountains => Return
* Took a cab to Nevich and hiked into the Mountains. Barely made it into the core zone.
* I think you need to get a ranger to guide you. Otherwise not enjoyable.
* Flight home at 2:45. Never again (I hope).

Author nfmungard
#47 | Posted: 26 Oct 2022 09:30 

Itchan Kala / Khiva - Best experience in Uzbekistan. Not too touristy, has an old town. Location... To me the best site I visited.
Samarkand - Most buildings. Schahi-Sinda is the best building in Bukhara. Observatory failed to impress me. State of preservation of Afrasiyab is terrible. Overall, inscribed area is way too big. They mention 19/20th century buildings without any of note being present.
Bukhara - Too touristy. Nicest building in Uzbekistan (Kalon Mosque and Minaret). Didnt see much of an old town. And tour groups everywhere.

Western Tien-Shan - The mountains look great. I can't really judge though as I barely made it into the core zone.

Shakhrisyabz - OUV is only about a few buildings. It's max an average site. Didnt mind the new park as much. The little old town that I got to see didn't impress me much.

Tentative Sites
Top - Desert Castles of Ancient Khorezm: Should be inscribed. Would be a great site.
Undecided - Cold winter deserts of Turan (Uzbekistan). Only saw one component (at least I hope I managed to). It's a desert. Was nice, but didn't see anything OUV about it.
Unclear - Tashkent. I think the OUV needs to be sharpened. Couldn't really judge based on my visit. Big constructions ongoing.

Unclear - Silkroads and all it's parts and variants. Several tents are also grouped in two tentative serial sites. Personally, I feel the individual sites are too small (e.g. Minaret in Vobkent), but that combining them doesn't really create much benefit. The exchange of ideas was most visible in Bahoutdin which felt like a Chinese palace.

Some of it should have been a serial on the Sogdian civilization, possibly including a better preserved Afrasiyab.

Author elsslots
#48 | Posted: 22 Nov 2022 02:54 
At the instigation of nfmungard and Solivagant I have changed the location and intro text to the Chashma-Ayub Mausoleum. Apparently, it is not the one with the same name in the city of Bukhara (as described by Clyde), but one just outside the city.

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