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Author davidyao
#16 | Posted: 3 Apr 2019 04:28 

Author ersy
#17 | Posted: 11 Apr 2019 11:08 
As far as I understand it is just Komodo Island and not the park, so you should still be able to visit by going to Rinca.

Author elsslots
#18 | Posted: 26 Feb 2021 09:38 | Edited by: elsslots 
I just went through the whole Indonesia Tentative List in detail for the TWHS project. Currently, Indonesia has 9 WHS - which I find a very low number for a country of this size and (island) diversity. So what could be added from the T List?

Its 19 entries can be clustered into a couple of recurring themes:
- A number of Hindu archaeological sites which do not seem to stand out on a SEA scale.
- Several archipelagos with a large marine component, lots of coral and good for diving. Raja Ampat is the best known among them and seems to have the right superlatives to make it a WHS. But I couldn't say whether others like Taka Bonerate are as good as so little is known about them.
- Dutch colonial heritage in Semarang and Old Jakarta. Semarang seems to be the best preserved of the two. It also has a full thumbs up rating from our visitors.
- The more traditional city of Yogyakarta has a chance as well.
- Vernacular architecture and cultural landscapes of various ethnic groups. Tana Toraja is the best known, but I also liked Bawomataluo with its megaliths and Minangkabau society at Nagari Sijunjung. This is the category where the best potential for future WHS may lie.
- In the cultural landscape category, focusing on the spice trade, also the nutmeg production on the Banda Islands is of interest (if they can limit the scope of the nomination and not broaden it too much by including coral reefs etc).
- There are 2 rock art sites, of which Sangkulirang may be the most interesting to visit. But the ones in Maros-Pangkep are the oldest (this is proposed as a natural site, but relies on archeological sites and rock paintings in those caves for OUV).

So as a conclusion I'd see easily 5+ sites that could make it.

Author paul
#19 | Posted: 14 Jun 2022 08:48 
For our first post covid European break out we are going to Sumatra. Our last visit was in 1989! We are intending to do an extended trek of perhaps 3 days in Gunung Leuser National Park. Does anyone have experience of arranging a trip in Bukit Lawang or do you recommend pre-booking on the internet? Normally we would prefer to book locally both because of cost and to get an idea of the people, but we would not like to arrive and find it not possible because everything is full.


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