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Author Solivagant
#1 | Posted: 1 Nov 2014 03:06 
I came across the Web site of the "Comision del Patrimonio Cultural del Nacion" aka "Patrimonio Uruguay" (an arm of the Ministry of Education and Culture) the other day. It publishes an annual magazine ("Patrimonio" - in Spanish of course!) with a Web copy which includes articles on Uruguayan WHS and T List sites (as well as on all sorts of other Uruguayan cultural matters both tangible and non tangible)- it might be of interest so I have started a separate topic for this country which has recently become "active" again on the WHS front and will be hoping for a new inscription in the form of Fray Bentos in 2015!

The organisation's Web site -

Patrimonio 1 (2011) - contains an article "Aspiraciones al Listado de Patrimonio Mundial" about Uruguay's T List created in 2010 with descriptions/photos of most of the chosen sites - .pdf

Patrimonio 2 (2012) - Montevideo architecture and old city remains. Also - Colonia del Sacramento .pdf

Patrimonio 3 (2013) - Fray Bentos progress towards inscription

Patrimonio 4 (2014) -doesn't appear to have been published yet!!

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