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Author meltwaterfalls
#331 | Posted: 23 Dec 2018 00:06 
Ah alas our plans are on the trash heap again.

Dinosaur National Monument is closed so there we go.

Good job we come to visit family and friends or else this constantly closing down of parks would really start to destroy reasons to travel here.

I visited Belgium several times when it didn't have a government and was still able to do everything I wanted, alas not the same case here.

Anyway gives us more time to focus on Christmas activities I suppose.

Hope you manage to get something good out of your long weekend too!

Author mrayers
#332 | Posted: 23 Dec 2018 00:13 | Edited by: mrayers 
Yes, that is very unfortunate. When I went to the Caverns web site this morning, I saw that the Caves were closed, and I felt bad for you (and embarrassed for the continued dysfunctionality of the system here).

I am keeping my fingers crossed, since my visit next month will be my one and only chance to see the Caverns.

Paquime is one that I have seen, and while it's not a major site, at least it would have been a pleasant alternative.

Hope your luck improves! (Edit: same to you, meltwaterfalls)

Author Colvin
#333 | Posted: 23 Dec 2018 02:46 
Oh, wow. Sorry to hear both of your plans have been altered because of this shutdown, winterkjm and meltwaterfalls. The timing of this is rather awful, coming over Christmas.

I'm not confident any of this will be resolved before the new Congress is sworn in come January, but I sincerely hope it will be over by early January (and hopefully in time for your visit to Carlsbad, mrayers). I think a lot of Americans would like to see Congress lose their pay during shutdowns as an incentive to work harder and earlier to pass a budget and not run into scenarios like what we have now.

Author mrayers
#334 | Posted: 28 Jan 2019 20:02 
to continue the topic of Carlsbad from above...

I haven't had much "good luck," in general, during the last couple of years, but maybe things are turning up for me now.

I booked my current trip in November, and this is one is primarily for birding, but, of course, I welcomed the chance to pick up a few WHSs along the way. Consequently, I decided to add a visit to Carlsbad Caverns after I had all my other destinations worked out, and it was not simple, given the fairly remote location of the Park.

Then the Clown Show in DC began in December, sadly fouling the plans of two veteran members. "Surely, this will be resolved by the time I arrive on Jan 26" I thought.

Well, on Friday the 25th I spent all morning killing time in the Dallas airport, and the news on the screens was mostly of the "No end in sight for the shutdown" variety. Nevertheless, I boarded the small, but expensive flight to Carlsbad I had booked. After arriving in the late afternoon, I picked up my bike, which I had shipped ahead, assembled it, and rode the 33 km to White's City, NM, the closest accommodation to the park.

Much to my surprise, when I checked in, the receptionist told me that the government had finally reopened, just hours before! But, would the Caves in the park be accessible during the next two days when I would be in the area? Well, of course the National Park Service is more efficient than the executive and legislature, and everything had already reopened on Saturday morning. :-) I decided to make my visit on Sunday, just to give them a little extra time.

It was a worthwhile visit, even with the extra tension, and the Caverns are definitely an excellent WHS. One benefit of visiting in January, the day after a long closure, was that the number of visitors was relatively low. When I walked into the cave through the natural entrance, I was the only human in sight for almost the entire way. Nice!

I hope that the dysfunctional US government doesn't ruin the future plans of any more community members (I myself have plans for two more national park WHSs this May), but I don't think we should be very optimistic about that.

Author Colvin
#335 | Posted: 28 Jan 2019 21:28 
How awesome that your trip to Carlsbad worked out with the government reopening just in time! The visit sounds amazing - I'd take caverns without crowds any time if I had a choice! Hope your next park visits in May work out, too.

Author carlosarion
#336 | Posted: 1 Feb 2019 00:43 
Chaco Culture and the surrounding area around it may be compromised if this pushes through: ear-world-heritage-site/article/542191

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