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South Korea

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Author winterkjm
#331 | Posted: 28 May 2022 04:22 | Edited by: winterkjm 
From the Spring 2022 Edition of the Korean Heritage Webzine, there are two featured articles of interest. The first covers the values of the inscribed Korean Getbol (Tidal Flats) and the second focuses on the The Capital Defense System of the Joseon Dynasty, which is the reconfiguration of the Seoul City Wall tentative nomination.

Getbol, One of the Most Important and Meaningful Habitats for Biodiversity

Another World Heritage Nomination in Preparation

Author winterkjm
#332 | Posted: 17 Jun 2022 05:35 | Edited by: winterkjm 
2021 UNESCO World Heritage New Provisional List (Research Report)
- ICOMOS Korea
- Cultural Heritage Administration of Korea

Recommendation for Inclusion on Tentative List
1 Sorok-do Rehabilitation Center
2 Jeju Stone Culture
3 Port City Incheon
4 Modern Protestant Missionary Base (Seoul, Daegu, Gwangju, Cheongju, Gongju, Jeonju, Suncheon, Mokpo)
5 Yongsan Base
6 Sungkyunkwan
7 Han River Estuary Wetland
8 Ulleungdo and Dokdo

Not Analyzed in Report
*Yangju Hoeamsa Temple Site (previously approved, awaiting publication)
*Busan Provisional Capital (previously approved, awaiting publication)

Long-Term Recommendation
1 Jukmak-dong Ancient Maritime Relics
2 Jeongjo Cultural Heritage: Hwaseong New Town
3 Landscape Korean Garden (Nujeong Culture)
4 Mudeungsan National Park

What this likely means is up to 14 new Tentative Nominations to be added to Korea's Tentative List (over the next few years). However, I would only expect some of the more advanced stage nominations to be approved and officially published by January 2023.

Author Durian
#333 | Posted: 17 Jun 2022 06:56 

Great! another headache for UNESCO.

Author winterkjm
#334 | Posted: 19 Jun 2022 14:10 | Edited by: winterkjm 
I thought I would provide some elaboration on this ambitious nomination. Links go directly to web pages that include pictures and descriptions of each component. Based on some speculation, what are the most rewarding components to visit? I would hazard a guess that the sites in Daegu and Gwangju (which largely lie within a semi-intact, though small historic district/neighborhood that is walkable) will provide the best experience. Additionally, multiple components are now museums, including Appenzeller Noble Memorial Museum in Seoul (which I had not been aware of despite exploring Jeong-dong District on numerous occasions).

Modern Protestant Missionary Base (29 serial components)

Seoul Base (3)
- Jeong-dong First Methodist Church
- Simpson Memorial Hall of Ewha Girls' High School
- Baejae (Pai Chai) Hakdang East Hall (Appenzeller Noble Memorial Museum)

Cheongju Base (1)
- Yanggwan, Tap-dong Residence

Gongju Base (2)
- Old Jeil Church (Gongju Christian Museum)
- Former Missionary House in Junghak-dong

Daegu Base (8)
- Old Jeil Church
- Missionary Switzer House (Missionary Museum - Daegu Heritage Trail)
- Missionary Chamness House
- Missionary Blair House
- Gyeseong School MacPherson Pavilion
- Gyeseong School Adams Hall
- Gyeseong School Henderson Hall
- Old Building of Dongsan Hospital

Jeonju Base (2)
- Auditorium and Main Hall Porch of Sinheung High School
- Geumsan Church

Gwangju Base (6) *K-Heritage TV Video Highlighting Gwangju's Yangnim-dong
- Speer Hall of Former Jennie Speer Memorial School for Girls
- Curtis Memorial Hall of Former Jennie Speer Memorial School for Girls
- Winsborough Hall of Former Jennie Speer Memorial School for Girls
- Gwangju Superia Girls' High School Small Auditorium
- Owen Memorial Hall
- Missionary Wilson's Residence

Mokpo Base (2)
- Former Missionary Residence of Jeongmyeong Girls' Middle School
- Yangdong Church

Suncheon Base (5)
- George Watts Memorial Hall at Former Southern Presbyterian Church
- Missionary Preston's House
- Former Suncheon Missionary School for Foreign Children
- Maesangwan Hall at Maesan Middle School
- Suncheon Coit Missionary House

"The modern Protestant mission was built for modern education with the permission of Emperor Gojong at the end of the 19th century. Western modern education programs lowered the illiteracy rate of the late Joseon society, which reached 80% at the time. The introduction of Western medicine and facilities enabled systematic treatment of diseases. It brought great progress in the medical system of the late Joseon Dynasty. Western education and medical projects improved the quality of life of the people and has played a major role in the conversion of many Koreans to the Christian faith. Early missionary activities were sent out from countries such as the United States, Canada, England, and Australia. The missionaries were divided into regions, and missionary work for each major city was carried out with the establishment of a mission base. The main components of these "mission bases" are schools, hospitals, churches, missionary residences and centers." - (imperfect translation) ICOMOS Korea & Cultural Heritage Administration of Korea

The Cultural properties included range from the Great Han Empire Period (1897-1910) and well into the Japanese Colonial Period (1910-1945). Many, but certainly not all components have been designated at the national level. Furthermore, additional "mission bases" were established in the Northern provinces of Korea, yet their preservation and potential inclusion will be discussed, but considered unlikely under current relations with the DPRK. A previous "Christian nomination" had been submitted by stakeholders in Chungcheongnam-do which centered around Catholic sites, but ultimately was rejected by the Cultural Heritage Administration in January 2020. While some consideration or inner dialogue has occurred about the prospects of including Protestant, Catholic, and Anglican sites in a serial nomination together it seems a Protestant focus is favored because its more tangible relation to Korea's modernity. About 20% of South Koreans are affiliated with Protestantism today.

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 South Korea

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