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South Korea

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Author kintante
#301 | Posted: 3 May 2020 08:28 
There are already lots of reviews about the sites. But if there is interest I can add a few. What sites would you be interested in reading an additional review? I would lean towards covering one with "only" 3 reviews or a tent site.

Author winterkjm
#302 | Posted: 3 May 2020 15:20 | Edited by: winterkjm 
I would personally be interested in 5 reviews, all of which can provide information specific to your visit that many others have not commented on or have not experienced.

World Heritage Sites (3)

Gochang, Hwasun, and Ganghwa Dolmen - Only 1 reviewer mentioned the Hwasun Dolmen site. Of the 3 dolmen clusters, this is the one I have not visited.

Baekje Historic Areas - You are the first reviewer to visit Mireuksaji, after its full re-assembly, thoughts?

Namhansanseong - How much of the wall did you actually hike? Did you go to the ruined outer wall?

Tentative Sites (2)

Southwestern Coast Tidal Flats - No reviewer has mentioned any other site besides Suncheon, what was your impression of the Gochang tidal flats? Being Korea's nomination for 2020, it would be nice to hear more about the other serial components.

Stone Buddhas and Pagodas at Hwasun Unjusa Temple - Currently a topic on the Top Missing List, is this the best cultural site remaining on Korea's Tentative List?

Author kintante
#303 | Posted: 3 May 2020 17:49 
I will get to work then :)

Author kintante
#304 | Posted: 5 May 2020 16:11 
Reviews are in the pipeline. I did not do Namhansaneong, as I cant really addsomething new. I walked from the North Gate via the South Gate to the East Gate. So I left out the ruined part.

Author winterkjm
#305 | Posted: 8 May 2020 15:43 | Edited by: winterkjm 
Stone Buddhas and Pagodas at Hwasun Unjusa Temple (100% rating based on 3 votes)

Based on the two reviews, I am starting to wonder if this site has an outsiders chance to squeeze into one of the final positions for the Top Missing! Considering how well represented Korea is, it probably won't make it though. When thinking about what is "missing" in Korea, I kept my proposals to a minimum because, well Korea has 14 world heritage sites! I learned quite a bit about Unjusa since its inclusion on the Tentative List, thanks in no small part because of both of your reviews. This is one of the last major cultural sites in the country and I will have to travel to Hwasun during my next visit.

"It would also be Korea's best world heritage site." - Philipp

"I spent around two hours exploring all the pathways and admiring every single statue and pagoda." - Philipp

"Unjusa Temple might be one of Korea's most amazing cultural tourist spot." - Zoë

"Beyond the temple are paths to more statues so don't turn back just yet." - Zoë

Author winterkjm
#306 | Posted: 24 Oct 2020 15:17 | Edited by: winterkjm 
50 Examples of Korean Heritage on UNESCO Lists

From the Korean Heritage Webzine (special issues on UNESCO), a visual summary of 25 years of achievement in international recognition/preservation of Korean Heritage.

World Heritage Timeline 2020 - 2025

UNESCO World Heritage
2020 - Getbol, Korean Tidal Flat (awaiting IUCN Recommendation - Delayed WHC)
2021 - No Official Nomination
2022 - Gaya Tumuli
2023 - No Official Nomination (TBD: Potentially Hanyangdoseong)
2024 - Bangudae Valley (potential for Cultural Landscape)
2025 - No Official Nomination (TBD: Potentially Hanyangdoseong)

UNESCO Intangible Heritage
2020 - Yeondeunghoe, lantern lighting festival
2021 - Restricted Nomination
2022 - Korean Mask Dancing
2023 - Restricted Nomination
2024 - Making of Jang (bean paste)
2025 - Restricted Nomination

UNESCO Memory of the World [Under Comprehensive Review]

Upcoming UNESCO Global Geoparks & Biosphere Reserve Nominations
2021 - Wando County (Biosphere Reserve)
2022 - Jeonbuk, West Coast Region Geopark
2023 - Busan National Geopark

Author winterkjm
#307 | Posted: 26 Oct 2020 04:51 | Edited by: winterkjm 
Updated Korean Tentative List 11/15/2020 - 4/15/2021 [Expected/ Not Guaranteed]

After 10 years, Korea seems on the verge of an updated tentative list (large or small is anyone's guess). Numerous symposiums have been held for aspiring nominations between 2016-2020. Several nominations have been submitted to the Cultural Heritage Administration between 2018-2020, most were rejected (my count is 7 rejections) with recommendations not dissimilar to ICOMOS 'not inscribe' evaluations. These rejections are not permanent and most seek to resubmit based on provided recommendations.

Is this a guarantee that a new tentative list will emerge, hardly. It may just be a select few sites are approved or none at all. It is very easy to find information on aspiring nominations in Korea and the Cultural Heritage Administration make their meeting notes public, making it convenient to see when nominations are approved or rejected. A handful of important "World Heritage" Meetings are scheduled over the next few months. For aspiring nominations, the magic words to type in "Google translate" are 'UNESCO Provisional List'.

Agricultural Heritage (3)
- Byeokgolje and Uirimji Reservoir (Gimje)*
- Jeju Stone Cultural Landscape
- Wando Gudeuljangnon [Cultural Landscape]

Buddhist Heritage (2)
- Goryeo Ruins of Namhan River Basin Temples in Wonju [3 Components]*
- Yangju Hoeamsa, archetype of Zen Temple in East Asia*

Confucianism (2)
- Confucian Royal Academy: Seonggyungwan Munmyo
- Seongju Royal Placenta Chambers*

Military Heritage & Fortresses (4)
- Bukhansanseong Fortress (Goyang) [Extension]*
- Dangseong Fortress (Hwaseong) [Paper: page 26 ICOMOS Thematic Study and the Eastern Silk Roads 2016]
- Doksanseong Fortress - Semadae Site (Osan)
- Maritime Fortifications: Ganghwa Island and Gimpo [Serial Nomination]*

Modern Heritage (5)
- Busan Provisional Capital and Refugee Trail [8 Components]
- Catholic Relics in Chungnam Province [Serial Nomination]*
- Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) [Transnational]
- Sorok Island [Paper: Sustainable Conservation of a Difficult Heritage in South Korea]
- Yongsan Park [Planning Stages for Urban National Park - Ongoing discussion for UNESCO Listing)

Natural Heritage (6)
- Cretaceous Dinosaur Fossil Sites [Potential for updated nomination, new components]
- Jeju Volcanic Island and Lava Tubes [2 Component Extension]
- Jirisan National Park [Potential for Mixed Heritage - Sacred Mountain]
- Mount Seorak and Mount Geumgang [Expansion of 2 TWHS into a single Transnational nomination]
- Odaesan National Park [Potential for Mixed Heritage - Sacred Mountain]
- Ulleungdo Marine Ecosystem

Prehistoric (1)
- Neolithic Sites of Korea: Amsa-dong and Osan-ri [2 Components]

Tumuli (2)
- Ruins of the Hanseong-Baekje [Extension to Baekje Historic Areas]
- Yeongsan River Basin - Ancient Tombs of Mahan (Naju)

*Application Rejected by (CHA), plans for re-submission

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 South Korea

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