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Author nfmungard
#16 | Posted: 24 Jul 2021 03:55 
That was fun. Apart from all the potholes and their quest to break my ankle, with the last hit just before crossing the border. And forgetting my phone in the last bus.

Author nfmungard
#17 | Posted: 2 Aug 2021 09:53 
Still wanted to do my Romania summary. Here we go.


Saturday: Debrecen -> Cluj
Train from Debrecen. Arrival time ugly.

Sunday. Cluj <> Baie Mare
03:00 Cluj: Arrival by train from Debrecen. My host picked me up at the station. Getting across the border was fairly miserable.
08:00 Bus to Cluj: Baia Mare (Fanny Bus). Taxi (150 ROM) to see the two closest Maramures wooden churches. Lunch in Baia Mares. Return bus at 15:30.

Monday to Thursday - Cluj
Worked in Cluj. Hiked up a local hill to see a non existent Roman Limes remnant. Going to nearby Gilau or Turda would have been the better call I guess. Best option probably to go to Porolissum, but not after work possible.

Thursday: Cluj -> Sighisoara
Bus to Sighisoara.

Friday: Sighisoara -> Rosia Montana
Train to Mediasch. Taxi to Biertan (150 ROM -> overpaid). => Time window rather short due to bus connections.
Train to Teiuș. Bus to Alba Iulia. Bus to Rosia Montana. Last 5km on foot. Flood.

Saturday: Rosia Montana -> Alba Iulia
Visit Rosia Montana. Hiked to Abrud cross the mining district. Bus to Alba Iulia.

Sunday: Alba Iulia -> Targu Jiu
Train Alba Iulia to Orăștie. Taxi to Sarmizegetusa Regia. Drop off at Simeria train station.
Train Simeria to Targu Jiu.

Monday: Targu Jiu -> Bucharest
Visit Targu Jiu on my way to bus stop.
Bus to Horezu (pick up point a mess). Walk to Horezu and back. Bus to Bucharest.

Monday-Thursday: Bucharest
Some siteseeing. Beers with Cesar & John.

Thursday: Bucharest -> Suceava
Day in Bucharest (Cafe Seneca is a nice co working location). Evening flight to Suceava
Note: Arrange transport/taxi in advance if possible. Suceava airport a bit difficult.

Friday: Suceava
Bus to Gura Humora. Walked to Voronet. Horse Carriage back. Shared cab back.
Evening Suceava church.

Saturday: Suceava -> Czernauti
Bus to Siret. Walk to border. Hitchhiking to Czernauti.

Feedback Itinerary.
* In Horezu I could have visited an interesting TWHS, the Romanian Kaiping Dialou. I was too tired to walk another 8km. Generally, there is a bus that you can take. Not sure how you would get back to the Bukarest bus stop, though (hitchhike?)
* Rosia Montana was a bit wrong. Best option would have been to go there from Cluj by direct bus. I think you need to stay overnight. I would have left via Alba Iulia.
* Dacian Fortress: Dont do Banita!!! Looks easy to reach. Is anything but. And very little to see supposedly.
* If you are willing to skip Targu Jiu (train ride nice, site not so much), the going via Sibiu/Sighisoara/Brasov to Horezu makes more sense.
* Bucharest is nice but uneventful. Probably will look way nicer in 10-20 years. You can already see the makings of a fine weekend trip destination.
* Biertran is supposedly the best village. Voronet the best church.

Getting Around
* Trains mostly suck. Too rare. Too slow. Bus better option. Expect to waste time waiting at bus stops and train stations.
* Hitchhiking is an option.

WHS Feedback
The Romanian list is short and rather well curated. Or just neglected. The result is that few (if any) unworthy sites are inscribed for Romania. It has plenty of good sites (love wooden churches), but not a truly great one. Still, it forms a nice combined picture and feels rather distinct from the WHS of the Balkans, Ukraine/Russia, central Europe or Turkey. So, it's a really a nice showcase for Romania. Factor in people and culture and it's really a worthwhile country to have a little adventure in Europe.

Tentative/Aspring Feedback
Alba Iulia is nice as fortresses go and a pleasant stop. The Dacian Limes (at least those components I saw) are a joke. Bessarabia is ... <blank>

The industrial area around Petrosani may be worth a look, though. The railway line is quite spectacular..

I forgot my camera and my phone in a cab and in a bus. One time the cab driver brought it back. The phone was also found. Romania is really a nice place with nice people.

Last but not least, thanks to Carmen, Cesar and John for tips, help and company.

Author tsunami
#18 | Posted: 24 Nov 2022 05:32 
Frontiers of the Roman Empire - Dacia

What an intrigue we have here:

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