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Best seen from the sky 9
Biosecurity rules for tourists WHS with personal Biosecurity rules for tourists. Excluding "WHS which can't be visited" and those with "normal" simple rules of not leaving rubbish etc as well as overall "country" rules.

A link must be provided to these specific biosecurity rules that apply to tourists visiting the WHS.
Discriminatory Entry Policies Sites which discriminate regarding entry on the grounds of Sex, Religion or Nationality 13
Guided Tour Only WHS that can be visited by guided tour only. Only complete WHS with this restriction are included; the connection does not extend to parts of WHS (individual buildings etc). 21
No road access WHS where the core zone cannot be reached by road (either paved or unpaved). Excluding island-only sites. 18
Not open to tourists WHS where a major element providing the OUV is closed to the general public. 12
Seasonal WHS WHS which need to be visited at a particular time of year either because the main stated OUV can only be seen/experienced at certain times or because climatic conditions/conservation requirements require the entire inscribed area to be closed at certain periods. 10
Takes more than 5 days to visit WHS that take more than 5 days for a return trip, starting from an international airport. 13
Unusual Entry Requirements or Restrictions WHS which, either permanently or on occasion, require intending visitors to pass "tests" before entry is granted (excluding restrictions on the grounds of race, gender of religion which are covered by their own "Connection"). 8
Visitor Limits WHS where the number of visitors either per day or in total at any one time is officially limited (whether or not it is properly implemented) across the entire site Excluding sites where a limit only applies to a particular area within the inscribed site. Excluding limits "recommended" by ICOMOS/IUCN etc where there is no evidence that these recommendations have been accepted. 14