World's most prominant mountains

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"In topography, prominence, also known as autonomous height, relative height, shoulder drop (in North America), or prime factor (in Europe), categorizes the height of the mountain's.. summit by the elevation between it and the lowest contour line encircling it and no higher summit. It is a measure of the independence of a summit" and "The prominence of a peak is the minimum height of climb to the summit on any route from a higher peak...The lowest point on that route is the col." (Wiki). Showing
a. the "Prominence height" above the "col". Prominence Height = height above the relevant contour or Mean Sea Level (MSL) if the nearest higher peak is not on same land mass.
b. The "Col" height used
c. The "Parent Peak" used

For a discussion on meanings and alternative definitions of "Prominence", "Parent Peak" etc see
Prominence Map - link

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Connected Sites

Fujisan: 35th
Glacier parks: Mt Logan 6th most prominent (5250 m), Mt Faitersthrt 26th most prominent (3955 m)
Hawaii Volcanoes: Mauna Kea 15th most prominent (4205m/0/MSL)
Khangchendzonga National Park: Kangchenjunga 29th most prominent (3922 m)
Kilimanjaro National Park: Mt Kilimanjaro 4th most prominent (5882m/10m/Mt Everest)
Kinabalu Park: Mt Kinabalu 20th most prominent (4095m/0/MSL)
Lorentz National Park: Puncak Jaya 9th most prominent (5884m/0/MSL)
Mount Kenya: 32nd most prominent (3825m/1374m/Kilimanjaro)
Rwenzori Mountains: Mt Stanley 28th most prominent (3951 m)
Sagarmatha National Park: Mt Everest world's most prominent (8848m/0/MSL)
Simien National Park: Ras Dashan 23rd most prominent (3997m/553m/Kilimanjaro)
Talamanca Range-La Amistad Reserves: Cerro Chirripo 37th most prominent (3727 m)
Te Wahipounamu: Mt Cook 37th most prominent (3775m/0/MSL)
Teide National Park: Mt Teide 40th most prominant (3718m/0/MSL)
Tropical Rainforest Sumatra: Mt Kerinci 33th most prominent (3805 m)
Virunga National Park: Mount Stanley (Margherita Peak) - Prominence 3951m
Volcanoes of Kamchatka: Klyuchevskaya Sopka 13th most prominent (4649 m)
Xinjiang Tianshan: Bogda Peak, Jengish Chokusu (16th and 17th most prominent respectively (4148 and 4122 m))


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