Invention of sweets

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Avila Yema de Santa Teresa
Belem The famous portuguese pastel de nata is believed to be created before the 18th century by Catholic Monks at the Jerónimos Monastery
Bordeaux Canelé
City of Luxembourg Luxemburgerli invented by Camille Studer in 1957
Costiera Amalfitana Sfogliatelle invented in conservatorio di Santa Rosa da Lima in the 17th Century
Florence The invention of ?Gelato?, the confection based on ice, cream and egg yolk as a development of the older water-based sherbet/sorbetto has been linked to Florence during the rule of Catherine de Medici. One version is that the architect and all-round Renaissance man Bernado Buontalenti was charged by Catherine with preparing 'events' for diplomatic guests including banquets and entertainments. In 1565 one of these served a frozen dessert with a recipe approximating to modern 'Gelato'. Buontalenti Gelato is still available!
Great Spa Towns of Europe Traditional spa wafers from the Bohemian spa towns
Lübeck Marzipan was invented by Johann Niederegger in 1806 (same time as in Tallinn)
Nancy rum baba or baba au rhum: the original baba was introduced into France in the 18th century via Alsace and Lorraine. This is attributed to Stanisław Leszczyński, the exiled king of Poland (wiki)
Salzburg Mozartkugel
Tallinn Marzipan was invented by Lorenz Cawietzel in 1806 (same time as in Luebeck)
Vienna Croissant was invented in 1683 to celebrate the defeat of the Turks


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