Individual Mountains

WHS named solely after a single mountain (though it may have multiple "peaks" and other mountains may be included within the inscribed area).

Connected Sites

Site Rationale Link
Durmitor National Park Durmitor 2522m
El Pinacate Cerro del Pinacate - 1,190 m
Garajonay Garajonay (1,487m)
Gebel Barkal Jebel Barkal is a small mountain, 98 meters tall
Great Burkhan Khaldun Mountain
Gros Morne National Park The Gros Morne: "The park takes its name from Newfoundland's second-highest mountain peak (at 806 m or 2,644 ft) located within the park." (wiki)
Gunung Mulu Named after Mount Mulu, the second highest mountain in Sarawak. (wiki)
Hallstatt-Dachstein Dachstein (2,995m)
Huascaran National Park Huascaran 6758m
Ichkeul National Park Djebel Ichkeul, 511m
Kilimanjaro National Park Mt Kilimanjaro 5895m
Kinabalu Park Kinabalu 4095m
Mount Athos Mount Athos 2030m
Mount Emei, including Leshan Giant Buddha Mt Emei 3099m
Mount Etna Mount Etna - 3,350 m
Mount Hamiguitan Mount Hamiguitan (1,620m)
Mount Kenya Mt Kenya 5199m
Mount Nimba Mt Nimba 1760m
Mount Qingcheng and Dujiangyan Mt Qingcheng
Mount Taishan Mt Taishan 1532m
Mount Wuyi Mt Wuyi
Namhansanseong Namhan Mountain - 480m
Nanda Devi and Valley of Flowers Nanda Devi 7817m
Nemrut Dag Turkish for "Mount Nemrut" (or Nimrod). Mt Nimrod is a 2134m mountain at the summit of which is a historical site which was nominated as " The Hierotheseion of Antiochos I of Commagene on Nemrut Dag"
Popocatepetl monasteries Popocatepetl - 5,426 m
Pyrénées - Mont Perdu Mont Perdu Monte Perdido 3355m
Sagarmatha National Park Sagarmatha 8848m
Sangay National Park Sangay 5230m
Shiretoko Mount Shiretoko (1,253 m)
Sulaiman-Too Sulayman Mountain - ca. 200 m
Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch Jungfrau, Aletschhorn
Teide National Park Teide 3718m
Tongariro National Park Tongariro 1978m
Uluru Uluru - 863 m


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  1. Not be "self evident"
  2. Link at least 3 different sites
  3. Not duplicate or merely subdivide the "Category" assignment already identified on this site.
  4. Add some knowledge or insight (whether significant or trivial!) about WHS for the users of this site
  5. Be explained, with reference to a source