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Already inscribed, still on T List

Inscribed WHS (or parts thereof) that are still mentioned on the official Tentative List of the State Party. This may be because of an oversight, or because the State Party wants the site to be nominated for different reasons and in different boundaries than those for which it has already been inscribed.

The connection belongs to World Heritage Process connections.

Connected Sites

  • Ahwar of Southern Iraq: Ur
  • Bukhara: Chashma-Ayub Mausoleum was added to the Bukhara WHS as minor boundary modification in 2016
  • Central Amazon Conservation Complex: Anavilhanas Ecological Station
  • Grand Canal: As: Slender West Lake and Historic Urban Area in Yangzhou
  • Kenya Lake System: Lake Bogoria National Reserve, Lake Nakuru National Park
  • Masjed-e Jâme': Jame' (Congregational) Mosque of Esfahan
  • Primeval Beech Forests: Codrul secular Slatiora (forêt séculaire)
  • Pyramids (Memphis): Dahshour archaeological area
  • Qhapaq Ñan: Archaeological Complex of Pachacamac (Peru), Valle Calchaqui (Argentina), San Pedro de Atacama / site of Catarpe (Chile)
  • Robben Island: Part of Liberation Heritage Route
  • Silk Roads: Chinese Section of the Silk Road: Land routes in Henan Province, Shaanxi Province, Gansu Province, Qinghai Province, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, and Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region; Sea Routes in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province and Quanzhou City, Fujian Province - from Western-Han Dynasty to Qing Dynasty
  • South China Karst: As 2 separate TWHS: The Lijiang River Scenic Zone at Guilin, and Jinfushan Scenic Spot
  • Susa: Shush
  • Tabriz Bazaar: The Kaboud Mosque a.k.a Blue Mosque, Goi Masjid, Jahanshah mosque. Tabriz Bazaar includes 28 different Mosques within the boundaries of its 3 inscribed zones. In the Nomination File (page 184) the Kaboud mosque is referenced as M28 and is used as the title of the 2nd of the zones viz - "1346-002 Kaboud Mosque"
  • Venetian Works of Defence: Fortress Town of Palmanova / The city of Bergamo
  • Western Tien-Shan: Aksu-Zhabagly state natural reserve


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A connection should:

  1. Not be "self evident"
  2. Link at least 3 different sites
  3. Not duplicate or merely subdivide the "Category" assignment already identified on this site.
  4. Add some knowledge or insight (whether significant or trivial!) about WHS for the users of this site
  5. Be explained, with reference to a source