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Australian Convict Sites 28-Nov-11

Finally made it to Cockatoo Island today. This site has a schizophrenic identity, charting both it's convict history and maritime history as well as playing a role as a major arts venue. The current, huge exhibition is dedicated to street art (including some BANKSY work) and was the highlight of the day. The trip was also helped by the warm temperature, lack of rain and refreshing breeze.

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Royal Exhibition Building 31-Jul-11

My visit last week revealed that winter has left the frontage of this site even less inspiring than usual with the fountain surrounded by mud and looking particularly uncared for. And it is unbelievable that there is still a car park at the front of the building.

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Name: Tom Allen

Country: Australia

Visited WHS: 73

Most Impressive: Petra

Proposal New WHS: Ain Dara in Syria

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  9. Island of Inishmore
  10. Jericho
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  15. Olympic Park in Munich
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