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Timonator Germany - 19-Jan-20


The Brazilian side of things gives you a more distance view of the Garganta del Diablo , which is the most spectecular of all waterfalls in Iguazù area. However there is a very nice walk along the Rio Iguazù with views on all Argentinian waterfalls and there are some nice lookout points that are close to waterfalls on the Brazilian side which was in the summer heat very refreshing. However because the Brazilian park is smaller and there are less options of what people can visit it feels a lot more crowded than the Argentinian side. Maybe it was also the effect of visiting of Sunday, that Ißm not sure about. Animal wise you have the coatis that stop you from taking a lunch break on the floor, some other monkeys and the raptors flying over the falls. 

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Iguazu National Park

Timonator Germany - 17-Jan-20

Today I have visited Parque Nacional de Iguazù in Northern Argentinia. Even though sun wasn´t shining until the afternoon, it was still very hot and especially very humid. Like Els wrote in 2004 the park also appeared to me like a theme park - a map with action activities, bus arrivals, restaurants etc. proof me to be right. In a first step I took the inferior circuit, which is the track walking to the bottom of some of the many waterfalls. This was very impressive especially the first view on the Iguazú falls out of the rainforest with the roaring in the back and also standing below one of the waterfalls. The superior track takes you tot he top of many of the falls and is not so spectacular

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