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Camino Real 22-May-17

Camino Real by Sinuhe Reyrub

I was born in a small community of Zacatecas, in central Mexico, right in in the first third to "Road to Santa Fe", now called “Camino Real de Tierra Adentro” (incorrectly since in Mexico existed five or six important Real Roads). Therefore, I cannot write any description objectively. I am sure of its regional value, but I don't want to mention a possible universal value, I'm not an expert on those issues. I think everyone has to have some empathy trying to understand the love that other people have to their local places. In this case, probably in the United States the value to the road is sometimes more a political strategy or simple love to the History, maybe more like an anecdote; but let me tell you, in Mexico, this road still awakens full passions of love and genuine interest of anyone, in an inestimable way. To Mexicans, it is still an alive road (even if many sections of the original roads no longer exist): everyone living in these 10 states can narrate old legends about mines or treasure owners. Old legends about terrifying ghosts living in haciendas or anecdotes of our parents and grandparents as young travelers, old stories about passions, deadly sins or love (for example, my parents met for the first time on a pilgrimage). Old stories about apaches attacking wagons. The route also arouses in some people some national sentiments: it completely coincides with the "Route of Independence": the route that followed Miguel Hidalgo to end the Conquest.

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Tehuacán-Cuicatlán Valley 21-Mar-17

Tehuacán-Cuicatlán Valley by Sinuhe Reyrub

This will be an "easy" place to know if you're planning travel to Mexico and visit several World Heritage sites: site is halfway between Mexico City and Oaxaca. Now, not everything is as simple as you think.

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Name: Sinuhe Reyrub

Country: Mexico

Visited WHS: 25

Most Impressive: Plitvice Lakes

Proposal New WHS: In my country there are several places I can't believe are not in the tentative list // Camino Real of Californias (USA-Mexico) // Natural Protected Areas of Chihuahuan Desert (USA- Mexico) (my favorite) // Natural Protected Areas of Sonoran Desert (USA-Mexico) // Natural Protected Areas of Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt // Zoque Jungle // Sites of the Mogollon Culture (as an extension of Paquime) (USA-Mexico) // Sites of the Olmec Culture (I'm surprised about how the fist major civilization in mesoamerica is not represented in Unesco, 3 main places are really close, beautiful and different from other sites) // Pantanos de Centla and Laguna de Terminos // Ox Bel Ha System // Convents of the Dominicans Route in Oaxaca // Camino Real de Tierra Adentro (extension) (Mexico-USA) I understand maybe all routes now in WHS could have more incredible sites that were not considered in core areas, but specially this one forgot basic sites on the route as Chihuahua, and all the northern half // Works of architect Luis Barragan (why just the house if he has a lot of monuments that actually are federally protected) // Mayapan // Haciendas of Porfirian Mexico // and Tula // well, and in our TWHS of Mexico my favorite are Lacandon Jungle, Cuetzalan, Alamos, Wirikuta, Petenes-Ria Celestun, Chapultepec Woods and Taxco (I really really hope nomination includes the full town and not only the temple).