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I love to travel, and try to travel when I can in my free time. I did an around-the-world trip from 2000-2002, and had a chance to visit many sites.

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Nemrut Dag Glenn Austerfield

Visited in 2000

Hard to get to, pretty much must hire a guide. Stayed in Kahta; had a chance to visit with a Kurdish family while we were there. Well worth the trip out there; Due to the altitude, it is cold, take a jacket.

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Hierapolis-Pamukkale Glenn Austerfield

visited in 2000

The whiteness of the area was very hard on the eyes. Worthwhile to see, but I'm not too sure it's worth more than a pass thru.

The springs at the top were well worth the visit - My girfriend said it was like swimming in warm Perrier!

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Göreme NP Glenn Austerfield

visited in 2000 Went via bus from Egirdir.

The area is unique, with so much to see; the underground cities, the carved churches, the natural rock formations. One of the highlights of our trip to Turkey

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Troy Glenn Austerfield

Visited in 2000.

The site is not very big, but is well worth a visit if you have an interest in Troy. The site is a bit of a jumble, as Heinrich Schleimann's excavation was hodgepodge, so it's worth it to get a map. The Trojan horse is pretty kitschy, but a fun photo op.

For WWI buffs, it's worth it to stay in Canukkale to combine a visit to Gallipoli as well.

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