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(T) 27-Jul-11

 (T) by Daniel C

Coimbra is a historical city in the center of Portugal with arguably the strongest university tradition in the country. Its university is one of the oldest in Europe. It was founded in 1290, inicially in Lisbon, but it was moved to Coimbra soon after. The city itself is quite beautiful, with lots to see and to do. The historical university buildings have some magnificent rooms, namely a baroque library which is truly a masterpiece. But the traditions (the "Fado" music, the student's ceremonies) together with the old town ambience make this city unique and well worth a visit and, who knows, the inscription in the World Heritage list!

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Town of Marvao and the craggy mountain on which it is located (T) 27-Jul-11

Marvão is a unique and beautiful small town near the portuguese border. It's located on the top of a tall hill from where we can have a breathtaking view over its surroundings. The whole town is surrounded by strong walls and ramparts. In its interior, all the streets are virtually unchanged since medieval times, and we can see lots of gothic architecture in its houses and facades. The castle is probably the town's highlight: a huge fortress with a moorish cistern and great views over the town itself and the surroundings. It's well worth a visit and it's a unique site in Portugal, and I guess that there are not many places like this in the world!

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Historic Centre of Santarem (T) 27-Jul-11

Historic Centre of Santarem (T) by Daniel C

Santarém has some nice monuments, especially in the gothic style (the city is often called the Portuguese Gothic capital), and there are beautiful sights over the Tagus River and its Lezíria, which is a huge area of plains stretching for dozens of kilometers alongside the river. However, I don't think that this city deserves to be inscribed in the World Heritage List. It's an interesting place to visit at a local level, but it's not a unique site in the world - not even in Portugal. The monuments are scattered everywhere and some of them are not very well preserved. It may be worth a detour to see some churches and have a short walk in some of the nice older streets, as well as in the Portas do Sol belvedere, but I think it's not worth to be considered a World Heritage site.

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Oporto 27-Jul-11

Torre dos Clérigos isn't the tallest building in Portugal, it's the tallest in Oporto. For instance, Lisbon has some buildings over 100 meters high.

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Name: Daniel Campos

Country: Portugal

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