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Frontiers of the Roman Empire (WHS FRE)

Frontiers of the Roman Empire (WHS FRE) is part of the Tentative list of Serbia in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

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  • Tentative

The coordinates shown for all tentative sites were produced as a community effort. They are not official and may change on inscription.

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  • 2015 - Submitted 

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The site has 62 locations. Show all

  • ?erevi?, Beo?in Municipality
  • ?ezava (Novae), Golubac Municipality
  • ?ortanovci (Ad Hercul??), In?ija Municipality
  • Bano?tor (Malata Bononia) Beo?in Municipality
  • Bege? (Castellum Onagrinum), Novi Sad
  • Beogradska tvr?ava (Singidunum), City of Belgrade, Stari Grad Municipality
  • Boljetin ? Gradac na Lepeni (Smorna), Majdanpek Municipality
  • Bor?ej, Negotin Municipality
  • Bosman (Ad Scorfulas), Golubac Municipality
  • Brnjica, Golubac Municipality
  • Brza Palanka (Egeta), Kladovo Municipality
  • Dobra?Zidinac, Golubac Municipality
  • Donje Butorke, Kladovo Municipality
  • Donji Milanovac, Veliki Gradac (Taliata), Majdanpek Municipality
  • Dubravica, Ora?je (Margum), Smederevo Municipality
  • Dumbovo, Beo?in Municipality
  • East end near Rakovica
  • Golubac (Cuppae), Golubac Municipality
  • Golubac, Tvr?ava, Golubac Municipality
  • Gospo?in Vir, Golubac Municipality
  • Hajdu?ka vodenica, Kladovo Municipality
  • Karata? (Diana Zanes), Kladovo Municipality
  • Kladovo, Kladovo Municipality
  • Kostol (Pontes), Kladovo Municipality
  • Kusjak, Negotin Municipality
  • Livadica, Golubac Municipality
  • Ljubi?evac, Kladovo Municipality
  • Male livadice Boljetin, Majdanpek Municipality
  • Malo Golubinje, Kladovo Municipality
  • Mihajlovac (Clevora), Municipality Negotin
  • Milutinovac, Kladovo Municipality
  • Miro? (Gerulata), Majdanpek Municipality
  • Mora Vagei, Negotin Municipality
  • Pecka bara, Kladovo Municipality
  • Pesa?a, Golubac Municipality
  • Petrovaradin (Cusum), Petrovaradin Municipality
  • Pore?ka reka, Majdanpek Municipality
  • Prahovo (Aquae) Negotin Municipality
  • Radujevac, Negotin Municipality
  • Rakovica (Dorticum), Negotin Municipality
  • Ram (Lederata?), Veliko Gradi?te Municipality
  • Ravna, Majdanpek Municipality
  • Ribnica, Donji Milanovac, Majdanpek Municipality
  • Ritopek (Tricornium), City of Belgrade, Grocka Municipality
  • Rtkovo, Glamija, Kladovo Municipality
  • Saldum (Cantabaza), Golubac Municipality
  • Sapaja, Banatska Palanka, Bela Crkva Municipality
  • Seone (Aureus Mons), Smederevo Municipality
  • Sip, Kladovo Municipality
  • Slankamen (Acumincum), In?ija Municipality
  • Stari Kostolac (Viminacium) City of Po?arevac, Kostolac Municipality
  • Surduk (Rittium), Stara Pazova Municipality
  • Tekija (Transdierna) Kladovo Municipality
  • Trajanova tabla (Tabula Traiana) Kladovo Municipality
  • Turski potok, Golubac Municipality
  • U??e slatinske reke, Kladovo Municipality
  • Vajuga, Kladovo Municipality
  • Velike livadice Boljetin, Majdanpek Municipality
  • Veliko Golubinje, Kladovo Municipality
  • Vi?njica (Ad Octavum), City of Belgrade
  • West end near Neštin
  • Zemun (Taurunum), City of Belgrade, Zemun Municipality