Connected to specific operas where at least 1 scene takes place in a location which is specifically and identifiably within the boundary of the inscribed site - even though it may not now exist or the events portrayed may be fictional.

Connected Sites

  • Aachen Cathedral Act III of Giuseppe Verdi's Ernani is set in the tomb of Charlemagne (wiki)
  • Ancient Thebes Aida, Verdi
  • Assisi Saint Francois d'Assise by Messiaen (1983) Tableau 6 - Hermitage of the Carceri Tableau 8 - Church of the Porziuncola
  • Flemish Béguinages Die Tote Stadt, Korngold
  • Imperial Palace Turandot, Puccini
  • Imperial Tombs Nixon in China by J Adams. Act II Scene I. Ming tombs visited by Pat Nixon. Sings aria next to Elephant in Avenue of Stone Figure
  • Kasbah of Algiers The Italian Girl in Algiers, Rossini
  • Kremlin and Red Square Mussorgsky, Boris Godunov
  • Kronborg Castle Hamlet (A. Thomas)
  • Mantua and Sabbioneta Giuseppe Verdi's opera Rigoletto is set in Mantua.
  • Mudejar Architecture of Aragon Verdi's Don Carlos takes place at the Aljaferia palace in Zaragoza.
  • Mycenae and Tiryns Elektra, R. Strauss
  • Novodevichy Convent Mussorgsky, Boris Godunov
  • Paris, Banks of the Seine La Boheme (Quartier Latin)
  • Pompei Torri Anunziata (Poppea's Villa) in The Coronation of Poppea by Monteverdi.
  • Prague "The Adventures of Mr Brouček" (1920) by Leos Janacek from the books by Svatopluk Čech. "Excursion to the Moon" commences "On a moonlit night in 1888, Mr. Brouček stumbles down Vikarka street after a drinking binge at the Hradčany tavern (Vikarka Inn").....". "Excursion to the 15th century" is also set in Staroměstské náměstí (Old town sq). There is today an inn in Vikarka St called "Vikarka Inn" which possesses "a Mr Brouček's Cellar" and "the oldest Romanesque wall at the Prague Castle" but whether that is the inn used by Čech and Janacek isn't totally clear! Link
  • Rome Tosca - Puccini, The Coronation of Poppea - Monteverdi, The Clemency of Titus - Mozart, Rape of Lucretia - Britten
  • Site of Carthage Les Troyens, Berlioz & Dido and Aeneas, Purcell
  • Summer Palace Nixon in China by J Adams. Act II Scene I. Visited by Pat Nixon. Sings aria in the Gate of Longevity and Goodwill
  • Tower of London Anna Bolena, Donizetti
  • Troy Les Troyens, Berlioz
  • Upper Middle Rhine Valley Das Rheingold, Wagner
  • Venice and its Lagoon Death in Venice - Britten
  • Verona Romeo and Juliette, Gounaud
  • Wartburg Castle Towards the end of the 12th century, a literary court developed at Wartburg castle, attracted by Landgrave Hermann I, who surrounded himself with poets and musicians. The poetry of Walther von der Vogelweide describes the brilliant society life which gave rise to the episode of the singers' tourney at Wartburg Castle, a romanticized version of which inspired Richard Wagner's opera, Tannhäuser. (AB ev)
  • Westminster Maria Stuarda, Donizetti


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