Historic Cinemas

WHS containing historic "purpose built" cinemas (i.e Not converted theatres etc). Defined as pre-1950. The cinema doesn't have to be currently operational but must preserve the majority of the original structure.

Connected Sites

  • Paramaribo "Tower Bioscoop" (1948) Heerenstraat (said in 2006 to be partly in use as offices with the auditorium only occasionally used) Link
  • Prague Lucerna Kino Link
  • Riga "Splendid Palace" (1923) Elizabetes iela 61 Link
  • St. Petersburg "Aurora". (1913) Nevsky Prospect & "Dom Kino" / "Rodina" (1914/16) Karavannaya Ul Link
  • White City of Tel-Aviv "Esther" (1930/1) Dizzengoff Square (Now the "Cinema Hotel") Link
  • Willemstad "Cinelandia" (1941) Hendrikplein, Punda. Currently non operational Link


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