Ring of cenotes of Chicxulub Crater, Yucatan

Ring of cenotes of Chicxulub Crater, Yucatan is part of the Tentative list in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

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Jorge Daniel Magaña García Mexico

Cenotes are sanctuaries, and the site qualifies to be a mixed one. Complementary sites could be included in the buffer zones, too. It's unfortunate though that other sites in several Tentative Lists have been removed, so it is understandable that the peresquites change. Increasing the list of delisted sites should be considered, and maybe even the option of broader transnational parameters. Of course, UNESCO has to allow for a broader debate, true to its Specialized agency status, but that shouldn't impede the inclusion of more adequate membership and even agents that remain truthful to their conditioned situation as citizens or ex profeso nature.

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Full name: Ring of cenotes of Chicxulub Crater, Yucatan

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  • 2012 - Tentative List

    Submitted as tentative site by State Party

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