Great Sandy World Heritage Area

Great Sandy World Heritage Area is part of the Tentative list in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

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Mirjam S. Germany - April 2015

In 2007 I did a trip to Fraser Island that is already a WHS, but a little earlier I visited some places in this area that are not yet part of the WHS and will be an addition if the "Great Sandy World Heritage Area" will be created. When I stayed in beautiful Rainbow Beach for a weekend, I did some bush walks in Coolala National Park. It is a beautiful park with lots of rainforest and of course lots of sand. The most impressive place was Carlo Sandblow, a HUGE sand dune with a wonderful and spectacular view of the ocean. It was one of the first places I saw in Australia and I was overwhelmed, I couldn't believe how beautiful it really was. The same goes for Wide Bay, a very long beach that lives up to its name, and with some great, colourful cliffs to explore. They gave the town of Rainbow Beach its name and fascinating Aboriginal stories are woven around them. Rainbow Beach and the surrounding area is a gem often overlooked by international tourists, but it's absolutely worth a visit.

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Full name: Great Sandy World Heritage Area

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  • 2010 - Tentative List

    Submitted as tentative site by State Party

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