Mwela Rock Paintings

Mwela Rock Paintings is part of the Tentative list of Zambia in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

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Community Reviews

juliette Liswaniso

I visited the site yesterday 18/9/12 and I found it quite interesting as I was able to compare the past traditions to the current one in the province.We had a tour guide and the place is being developed to include a cultural centre this will make it more exciting am yet to visit Lwimbo rocks to round up my visit as it is a few kilometers away.

Dan Bartovsk

I have visited this interesting place on July 2011. With the sorrow I must write, that there was no guide and any schedule to the paintings. We have found only two paintings and that is really not so many for high entry fee 15 USD p.p. and 5 USD for the car.

The place is fine for seeing rocky groups with the bush and for good top wiewing. But services is necessery to grow up.

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  • Full name: Mwela Rock Paintings
  • Country: Zambia

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