Amalienborg and its district

Amalienborg and its district is part of the Tentative list of Denmark in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

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Community Reviews

Tony H.

Unfortunately I don't see any reasons why this should be a World Heritage site. Amalienborg is a beautiful palace and the district around it is full of nice buildings but I didn't see anything special that would make it worth of World Heritage status. It lacks the "outstanding universal value". Also Unesco website's description doesn't give any good reasons to add it. Europe is full of places just like Amalienborg.

But Copenhagen as a whole is an amazing city! I'd like to see a nomination containing more historical places in Copenhagen, something like "Historical City of Copenhagen"!

Ingemar Eriksson

Very beautiful and impressive site and vould perhaps be better than the present danish heritages.

I am not quite sure of how uniqe it is, there are many beautiful sqares arond the world.

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  • Full name: Amalienborg and its district
  • Country: Denmark

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    1993 - Submitted


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