Church of Santa Prisca and its Surroundings

Church of Santa Prisca and its Surroundings is part of the Tentative list of Mexico in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

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Community Reviews

Jorge Daniel Maga

Although not as big as Santiago de Compostela's church, Sant Prisca is a beautiful church that well deserves to be declared a WHS. Not only is the fašade of the church amazing, but also its gold covered insides. I've never seen so much detail and gold in one single church, and let me tell you, I've visited quite a few churches in Europe. I guess the amount of gold has to do with the fact that Taxco was and still is a mining town. Anyways, all the inside walls are covered with gold frames, which is quite amazing. The outsides require a little bit of maintenance, particularly the sides of the church, but I truly recommend a visit. I guess the best part of it is seeing the church as part of the really outstanding urban landscape that is the mining city of Taxco. The city was erected in the middle of a really hazardous mountain range. The valley, covered with white traditional houses, and the church in the center of it all, is quite a view. Taxco is a must if you're in Mexico City, as it's only 3 hours away.

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  • Full name: Church of Santa Prisca and its Surroundings
  • Country: Mexico

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