Citté-fortezza di Palmanova

Citté-fortezza di Palmanova is part of the Tentative list of Italy in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

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Community Reviews

Tom Livesey

I'm with John on this - definitely a sleepy town. We visited in July 2015 on a whim after seeing it on roadsigns whilst killing time before our flight from Trieste to Bari. There was some debate in our car as to what Palmanova was (I was ignorant of its TWHS status): a fortified town or a shopping mall! We drove in to the centre and strolled about the piazza, stopping for coffee. It was blazing hot and there seemed hardly a sole out and about. The walls are impressive. I wish I'd attempted the perimeter walk, but I think if I had I would have passed out from sunstroke!

Ian Cade

Unknown to me, John S. below has written almost word for word my summary of this town. Though I probably wouldn’t use the word ‘boring’, more just ‘laid back’, though I was blessed with magnificent weather on my 30 minute stop en route to Aquileia.

The best way to view this town is if you are heading over on a plane (I landed at nearby Friuli Venezia Giulia Airport) which allows you to see the star shaped lay out, or you could just have a look on a satellite map.

The unique lay out means that it can be a touch disorientating as all the roads look the same as they radiate from the central square to the bulky town walls. I really enjoyed my espresso in the great café next to the Duomo whilst watching the fleet of vintage Vespa’s parading around the square, and after a quick climb of the fortifications I was off on my merry way.

It is a charming little place, that I can’t imagine getting inscribed on the World Heritage List on its own, but is certainly worth a brief stop for a coffee and a wander.

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John S.

This site is wonderful from an aerial perspective. But the town is a boring sleepy town without the mystery of Sabbioneta near Mantova. A worthy thirty-minute stop towards Aquilea.

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  • Full name: Citté-fortezza di Palmanova
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