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Ville historique de Grand Bassam

Ville historique de Grand Bassam has been nominated in the past to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List, but doesn't feature anymore on the country's current Tentative List.


Joao Silva Maia (Belgium):
I have been in Gran Bassam may be 8 years ago, so my comments may not be up-dated in time.
I do support the inscription, as Grand Bassam was the very first capital of what Cte d'Ivoire is today. Of course it is purely a colonial "fact", but it has to be considered that before the French begun colonising the area there was no political equivalent to what the country is now. So, Grand Bassam is the "kick-off" architectural and political site for the country.
BUT: most of the buildings of the old french town were in huge decay and this is not in accordance with WH standard rules until there is a big rehabilitation process, whether this is to be paid by Cte d'Yvoire or France's money (or both).
Date posted: August 2009

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Ville historique de Grand Bassam
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