Tubbataha Reefs

Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park covers a pristine atoll reef ecosystem with a very high diversity of marine life.

The park consists of three reef areas: North and South Atoll, divided by 8km, and Jessie Beazley Reef 20km to the north. It is located within the Coral Triangle, a global focus for coral biological diversity.

The Tubbataha Reefs are the largest concentration of coral reefs in the Philippines. Hundreds of different species of vivid corals cover more than two-thirds of the area. This intact and remote ecosystem rivals the Great Barrier Reef - having 300 coral species and 400 fish species. Animal species that inhabit the reefs include whales, manta rays, lionfish, turtle, clownfish, spotted dolphin and sharks.

Aside from being a marine sanctuary, Tubbataha is also renowned for being a bird sanctuary. It holds nesting sites for seabirds.


Community Reviews

Juan Antonio G. Menchaca - May 2006

We arrived aboard the Liveaboard Diveboat Nautica.Great diversity of marine life. Turtles, we saw Pilot whales,lemon sharks and thresher sharks, Manta rays huge shoals of unicorn surgeon fish. Great quantity of sea birds with blue spotted eggs. There is the remains of a ship that had ran aground. Great sunsets. We stayed for a week. Spectacular diving.

Capt. Ingvar T. Swenson

The only experience I have had with Tubbataha Reef is when

I grounded there with a 6000.tons cargo ship in 1973.

The reef was very hard and tore a large hole in my ship.

We had to unload some of the cargo out there and then

proceeded to Iloilo for repairs,

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  • Holocene it is believed that the atolls of Tubbataha began to form thousands of years ago as fringing reefs around volcanic islands.


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