Air and Téneré


Air and Ténéré Natural Reserves includes the volcanic massif of the Aïr Mountains, a Sahelian island isolated in climate, flora and fauna in the surrounding Saharan desert of Ténéré.

It contains an outstanding variety of landscapes, plant species and wild animals. One-sixth of the reserve is a sanctuary for addax, a critically endangered species of antilope.


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Full name: Air and Téneré Natural Reserves

Site History

  • 1992 - In Danger

    region in which this site is situated has been affected by civil disturbance
  • 1991 - Inscribed

    Reasons for inscription


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  • Air and Téneré


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  • Animal Migrations The massif of the Aïr also constitutes a transit zone for a large number of afrotropical and palaearctic migratory birds. (unesco website)
  • Critically endangered fauna species dama gazelle, Saharan cheetah
  • Dunes The "live dunes" of the Ténéré are an example of erosion under way the landscape is rapidly modified on a geological time scale by the displacement and deposition of sand (AB ev)
  • Ratites common ostrich
  • Strict Nature Reserve Sanctuaire des Addax


  • Sahara 
  • Sahel The Aïr constitutes a Sahelian enclave surrounded by a Saharian desert (AB ev)


  • Neolithic age Palaeolithic and Neolithic archaeological sites are found at many locations in the reserve, as are rock engraving sites. (unesco website)
  • Songhai Empire Became the furthest northern outpost of the Songhai Empire in the early 16th century - until recaptured by the Tuareg later in the century

Human Activity


  • Proterozoic La zone du socle précambrien de l'Aïr est composée de dépôts de roches sédimentaires plissées et métamorphisées (gneiss, schistes) et de roches volcaniques datant du Protérozoïque inférieur. (wiki fr)

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