Makli, Thatta

Tomb of Isa Khan Tarkhan II - Photo provided by Paul Tanner

The Historical Monuments of Makli, Thatta reflect the city's importance as Sind's capital and as a centre for Islamic arts.

From the 14th century four Muslim dynasties ruled Sind from Thatta, but in 1739 the capital was moved elsewhere and Thatta declined.

The site covers Makli Hill, one of the largest necropolises in the world. Among the notable monuments are:

- tomb of Jam Nizamuddin

- tomb of Isa Khan Tarkhan the Younger

- tomb of Jan Baba

- tomb of Diwan Shurfa Khan


Community Reviews

Saif Hassan Siddiqui - June 2006

Grand in the truest sense of the word. Thatta is an awe inspiring place, magical and yet sad. All efforts should be made to preserve this area as it not only belongs to the whole of humanity to cherish and be called its own, but it also instills in man the sure knowledge that in the overall scheme of things, man's place is inconsquential, and yet at the same time he really is the centre of all creation.

Iftikhar Ahmad - Lahore - April 2006

Fantastic place, rich with historical items, mild weather and friendly noble people of town thatha, mosque is shows the technical power that mughals possessed, centries ago.

sayyad jallal 0049-177-4648438 - April 2006

Thatta a marvellious city, an ancient symbol of architect, all the monuments, shrines and mosques needs immediate rennovation...!!! all the money which the authorities r getting is landing in their pockets.... how sad !!!

Mumtaz Ali Bhounr - January 2006

Thatta, or Tatta, is a historic town of 22,000 inhabitants in the Sindh province of Pakistan. Its major monuments are listed among the World Heritage Sites.

The city, formerly commanding the delta of the Indus, was the capital of Lower Sindh from the 14th century. Since 1592, it was governed in the name of the Mughal emperors of Delhi. After the province was ceded to Nadir Shah of Persia in 1739, Thatta has fallen into neglect.

Thatta's monuments include the Jama Mosque, built by Shah Jahan in 1647-49 and lined with glazed tiles. There are also the tombs of Jam Nizamuddin (reigned in 1461-1509), several Tarkhan rulers and Mughal officials. A vast old necropolis with thousands of graves may be found at the nearby Makli Hills.

Dr. Bilal Fazal


really an amazing place to see, Asia larget graveyard and kenjhar lake, u will be surprised to see the ancient historical graves at Makli graveyard.

Syed Asad - uz _ Zaman

Yes thatta is a very historical place in sind, they famous

about so many things but i really like the great Mughal

mosque yes it is great and then kenjher lake.

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  • Glazed tiles Jama Mosque
  • Necropolises One of the largest necropolises in the world, supposed to be the burial place of some 125,000 Sufi saints
  • Tombs Tomb of Prince Sultan Ibrahim bin Nirza Mohammad Isa Tarkhan and several others



Individual People

  • Sir Richard Francis Burton He was appointed to the Sindh Survey during 1843-6. His visit is described in ""Unhappy Valley" and "Sind and the races which inhabit the valley of the Indus"

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  • Sufism "Makli Hill. One of the largest necropolises in the world, with a diameter of approximately 8 kilometers, Makli Hill is supposed to be the burial place of some 125,000 Sufi saints"



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