Lagoons of New Caledonia


The Lagoons of New Caledonia: Reef Diversity and Associated Ecosystems comprise a group of six lagoons that contain coral reef ecosystems with great species diversity and a high level of endemism.

It is home to endangered dugongs and an important nesting site for the Green Sea Turtle.

New Caledonia is an Endemic Bird Area with 23 species being found only in New Caledonia.

This reef system is one of the largest in the world. It covers 23,400 km2. The six designated lagoons are:

- Grand Lagon Sud

- Zone Côtière Ouest

- Zone Côtière Nord-Est

- Grand Lagon Nord

- Atolls d’Entrecasteaux

- Atoll d’Ouvéa et Beautemps-Beaupré


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John Booth - November 2014

Seeing the Lagoons and Reefs around New Caledonia involved viewing from the air, from vantage points on land, from the comfort of a cruising vessel and up close beneath the waves.

The island of Ouvea in the Loyalty Group was best viewed from the air on the flight from Noumea. But once on the island the opportunity to use the pristine beaches as means of access to the shallow reefs was irresistable.

To reach the Isle of Pines I flew from Noumea across the southern reefs. Once on the island I transferred to a cruiser and travelled around the reefs and offshore islands. The colours were spectacular.

I drove up the West Coast of the Grand Ile stopping at Bourail to visit the coast in the vicinity of the 'Roche Percee'. After visiting more reefs around Kone I traversed the mountains to the opposite coast.

I spent several days exploring the East Coast, a pristine coastal landscape extendimg from Pouebo south to Poindimie. Every bay and estuary provided a different vista.

Time prevented me from reaching the Grand Northern Lagoon and the atolls of Entrecasteaux.

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  • Holocene Process of reef formation started in the Pleistocene, lagoons of today became water-filled during the Holocene.

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