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Taj Mahal stewart ayu

I visited the Taj in 1987 but it doesn't really matter , does it? It's timeless. I was going to actually give the Taj a pass and skip it. After all, how many times has one seen the Taj in movies, images, brochures etc. Many times. But coincidentally, the train route i was taking from Calcutta to Bombay made a needed stop in Agra.

I arrived pre dawn and had read in the guide book that the best time to view the Taj was at sunrise, sunset, or under the stars and moon.

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Elephanta Caves stewart ayu

Elephanta caves was a pleasant excursion near Bombay. There were monkeys and a Shiva Lingam

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Ayutthaya stewart ayu

Ayutthaya has abandonned stupas from subsequent empires and buddhist styles. The city must have been very impressive in its day but now it is a quiet place with few visitors. There are numerous temples that might be of more interest to someone doing research or a student of architecture.

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Mahabodhi Temple Complex stewart ayu

Bodhgaya was not particularly interesting or visually attractive but was an important and symbolic destination for me. To see the descendant of the tree of enlightenment and to make this personal pilgrimage was a once in a lifetime act. Bodhgaya was done as a day trip from Patna by train.

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Ancient Thebes stewart ayu

A visit to the Valley of the Kings and Queens is remarkable. The tombs were mesmerizing spectacles. The chambers might have once be filled with artifacts like the one of Tutankhamon fame. The hieroglyphics were stunning . some filled entire chambers. Some told stories on the ceilings or pillars. It was unlike anything anywhere. This is not a place that one can describe in words. It was very complex and otherworldly.

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