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My name is Stephanie Craig, and I am a history and travel blogger. I write about history and travel at History Fangirl.

I love UNESCO World Heritage Sites. I started seeking them out specifically in January, 2016.

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Amsterdam Canal Ring History Fangirl

Amsterdam is special. I've been twice, and it's still impossible for my brain to understand the engineering required to dig a city out of the sea. The architecture of the houses is a product of both the canals and the local tax laws, leading to one of the most beautiful and unique townhouse styles in Europe.

Like some others on here, I find the name of the WHS a bit ugly.

Here's the full write-up of the site:


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Monticello History Fangirl

In January I took an East Coast road trip in the US to see friends I'd left when I started traveling, deal with some paperwork stuff, and go on a work trip. I was able to see three UNESCO sites: Independence Hall, Monticello, and the Statue of Liberty. Monticello was the only new one on the trip, but seeing a trio of very patriotic places back-to-back was really fun.

Monticello is the hardest place for me to see of the three though.

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Budapest History Fangirl

The UNESCO Site for Budapest includes the banks of the Danube, the historic castle quarter of Buda, and Andrassy Avenue.

Covering all the areas requires more than one day to do it properly. I spent a week in Budapest. For this, I explored Andrassy Avenue for a day and the banks fo the Danube/Buda quarter for two more days. The banks of the Danube are easy to access by walking, but I highly recommend adding a two hour Danube Cruise at night.

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Quseir Amra History Fangirl

My visit to Quseir Amra was a crazy, adrenaline-fueled getaway after a lovely independent tour from the tour guide.

Quseir Amra is a beautiful Ummayad hunting lodge and pleasure palace in the desert in northern Jordan, near Azraq. The frescoes inside are beautiful.

Getting there I had an option of an organized tour, but I went in a private taxi on my way down to Petra.

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