Pending Tentative Sites

This list shows all Tentative Sites which have been Referred, Deferred, Rejected or for which incomplete dossiers have been nominated.

  • City of Herat
    Deferred 1983
    Deferred until receipt of necessary info

  • Hyrkan State Reservation
    Deferred 2006
    to consider options for renominating the property as part of a transnational serial property with other Hirkanian forest areas in Iran

  • Baltic Klint
    Requested by State Party to not be examined 2006
    Withdrawn at request of Estonia

  • Kuressaare Fortress
    Deferred 2004
    Needs comparative analysis for demonstrating the outstanding universal value. Suggests extension to town of Kuressaare.

  • Vardzia-Khertvisi
    Postponed 2001
    Bureau 2001: ICOMOS recommended inscription, "subject to a favourable expert mission report"

  • Tbilisi Historic District
    Referred 2001
    Bureau 2001: to allow study of additional information by ICOMOS

  • Qalhat
    Incomplete - not examined 2017
    As 'Ancient City of Qalhat'

  • Suakin
    Deferred 1996
    Bureau - needs systematic inventory

  • Parc National de Bouhedma
    Requested by State Party to not be examined 1978
    At first Bureau Session (bearing reference number 6)

  • Ziwa National Monument
    Deferred 1999
    Bureau- pending the completion of a comparative study of similar church complexes in the region.