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The Sukur Cultural Landscape with its palace, terraced fields with ritual features and villages has survived unchanged for many centuries. It is located in the Northeastern part of Nigeria.

The designated area comprises:

- Hidi's Palace (ruined house complex of the chief)

- Paved walkways

- Domesticated landscape with extensive terraces (for agricultural use and spiritual significance)

- Domestic architecture in the villages (granite and dry-stone)

- Traditional cemeteries in the hills

- Wells

- Iron-smelting furnaces

- (Ceramic) shrines

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Community Reviews

Dr M.O. Hambolu, Nigeria 17.05.06

Micro management of every available space by Sukur people, -past and present- should be a lesson to all on how to make he best of challenging situations.

rifo bonjoru, nigeria 28.04.06

the trip to sukur was an interesting one, were i get to palace house, the hidi gizick is the one that display the various cultural heritage

Hon Williams Joshua ADHA YOLA, nigeria

I visited this site during the 2004 world cultural day.It was so an interesting trip expecially when i was opportuned to see the palace which is not imaginable to the modern world.In view of my trip to sukur,my prayer is that UNESCO should intervain with great dextirity to see that cultural heritage at that site is maintained.

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Full name: Sukur Cultural Landscape

Unesco ID: 938

Inscribed: 1999

Type: Cultural

Criteria: 3   5   6  

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