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Virgin Komi Forests

Virgin Komi Forests

The Virgin Komi Forests comprise a vast virgin boreal forest ecosystem, bordering the alpine tundra of the Ural mountains.

The designated area consists of Pechoro Ilychsky Nature Reserve, Yugyd-Va National Park and a buffer zone. This serial nomination covers dozens of protected areas, totalling 3.28 million ha.

Dominant tree species include Siberian spruce, Siberian fir and Siberian larch. Brown bear, moose, wolf, otter, beaver, sable, wolverine and lynx are mammals that can be encountered here.

The area is located in the Komi Republic, one of the subjects of the Russian Federation. It lies to the west of the Ural mountains, in the north-east of the East European Plain.

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Community Reviews

Wojciech Fedoruk Poland 19.08.16

Virgin Komi Forests by Wojciech Fedoruk

This is the most remote and the least visited (not counting fresh entries) WHS on European continent and going there is definitely an adventure. But at least minimal visit is doable without too much hassle . You may avoid two day travel by train from Moscow flying to one of the following three locations - Syktyvkar (quite frequently), Vorkuta (the closest to the park, but planes, as of 2016, are only once per week on Wednesday) or Salekhard in Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug. I chose the latter which was the most adventureous. It is interesting to know that before January 2015 going to Salekhard by foreigners was forbidden unless you had a hard to obtain permit from Russian authorities.

After coming to Salekhard (which is not connected with 'mainland' Russia by road or train) I had to take a ferry on Ob river to Labytnangi, small town which has its own train station and connection with Moscow. Then I followed the advice of Jarek Pokrzywnicki (another WHS fan and a member of this site) and took two trains to small station Kozhym. The tickets may be easily booked online.

The station is literally in the middle of nowhere but has one advantage - lays on the border of the Yugyd-Va National Park (the biggest national park in Europe), being the core WHS zone.

Theoretically going to the park requires, as still too many things in Russia, a special but free of charge permit issued by the park authorities. I did not expect to meet anyone during my short visit so I skipped applying for a permit.

From Kozhym you have to walk around 3km on the rail track, cross the river Kozhym and carefully look for a small passage to the track on the left (it is near small shed named 1952km, meaning that this is in this distance to Moscow). The views are not particularly stunning, it is small forest, some water and literally THOUSANDS of mosquitoes. Forget the repellent, see what locals do and wear anti-mosquito net on your head. You pass by the billboard with the park name and UNESCO plaque, which is used by the visitors as a butt for armed visitors.

If you want to visit the park and see its bests, I suggest arranging one of many activities offered by its authorities. Most of them start in Inta, being the park HQ.

Jarek Pokrzywnicki Poland 28.04.15

Virgin Komi Forests by Jarek Pokrzywnicki

Visit in June, 2008. Area consist of Yugyd Va National Park, Pechorsko-Ilychski Reserve and buffer zones (including Yaksha Forest). Personally I was visiting only parts of Yugyd Va NP. One of the most difficult to reach places in Russia. There are no roads, no airports nearby. The only possibility is to get to Inta by train (2 days from Moscow) and from Inta either by organised trip. It is quite expensive as they organise foreign groups only and use lorry cars for transportation - some 80 km to Yugyd Va Park borders) or like me by train to Kozhim-Rudnik station (direction back to Moscow because the fast train from Moscow doesn't stop there) and than by foot. For individual trip you must have all food and accommodation (tent) on your own. Also (strongly, believe me) recommended nets agains small flies and mosquitos and local maps (there are no maps in Inta - use internet databases). Yugyd Va NP is the biggest national park in Europe with a big diversity of nature landscapes (meadows, bogs, forests, lakes, rivers and mountains)

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Full name: Virgin Komi Forests

Unesco ID: 719

Inscribed: 1995

Type: Natural

Criteria: 7   9  

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  • 1995 - Inscribed 


The site has 3 locations.

  • Virgin Komi Forests: Pechoro-Ilychskiy Nature Reserve Komi Republic, Russian Federation
  • Virgin Komi Forests: Yaksha Forest District Komi Republic, Russian Federation
  • Virgin Komi Forests: Yugyd Va (Clear Water) National Park Komi Republic, Russian Federation


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