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Old City of Berne

Old City of Berne

The Old City of Berne represents the adaptation of a medieval city into a modern capital.

Berne was founded in 1191 by Berchthold V, Duke of Zähringen. After a fire in 1405, which almost completely destroyed the wooden-built town, the houses where rebuilt of sandstone. The medieval structure of the city originating from that time has remained unchanged up to the present day.

After the Middle Ages, monumental fountains, the cathedral, patrician houses and large public monuments were added to the cityscape.

In 1848 the city became the capital of Switzerland. Currently, Berne has about 130.000 inhabitants.

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Visit October 2003

Despite its fair number of inhabitants, Berne is an easy town to explore. Actually there is one long road that crossects the old town. There you can walk under the covered promenade and admire the unique fountains.

October 2003

During my stay I enjoyed the tour to the interior of the Clock Tower the most. On this one hour excursion you get the chance to view the clock's medieval machinery in action.

October 2003

Another rather strange place to visit in Berne is the Bear Pit. Since ages Berne has displays live bears to remember where the city's name originated. Nowadays it's more like a zoo, but nevertheless an interesting idea when you know that bears have been kept here for so long.

October 2003

Community Reviews

Clyde Malta 17.07.13

Old City of Berne by Clyde

I visited Berne in July 2013. The old town is very easy to visit. There are plenty of shops and restaurants - the most unique and peculiar ones are below street level and accessed directly from the pavements! I really enjoyed walking past all the colourful folkloristic fountains in the old town. The astronomical clock is obviously a must-see but Berne has much more to offer. The view of the Aar River from the bridges on both sides of the old town is really great too.

Assif Am-David Israel 22.04.08

I have been to Berne at summertime on my way to the Swiss Alps (as most people who pay Berne a visit). Berne is the Swiss Capital but as such it stroke me in its serenity, very much different from the atmosphere in the two largest Swiss cities: Zurich and Basle. Berne is situated on the hills overviewing the Aar river, creating some marvellous panoramic views.

A prominent characteristic of the old town are the arcade passages which build up a 6 km network - of the longest in entire Europe! Another typical trait are the underground stores alongside the passages, some of which are built several stores underground.

Don't miss the art museum with its fine collection of native artist Paul Klee.

Maggie Huang, USA; Taiwan 05.03.06

I was there in September 2003. Bern is a city with many interesting colorful buildings and fountains. Each fountain has a special theme and story. And the building also has unique designs. The cable cars run through the main street, carrying people around like in San Francisco.

Churches and big clock tower are standing in downtown Bern; a peaceful and nice little town.

Joyce van Soest Netherlands 27.12.05

Old City of Berne by Joyce

Bern is a nice city. It is not so big so you can easily visit the touristy attractions by foot. There's lots of odd-looking colorful small fountains in the city, and when you cross one of the many bridges you have a beautiful view of the old city. The covered promenade has a lot of nice little stores.

Lucia Guerrero, Mexico 11.11.05

Hi, we are in school in Mexico and we are doing a project about Old city of Berne. We would appreciate it if you could provide us with some information about how they keep the city clean. Also some of its history.

thank you,

we will be waiting for your answer

jaxon nobori, USA

Saw Bern more than 30 yers ago, but still recall it as very picturesque. Not entirely a 'must-see', but certainly nice.

Jim Humberd, USA

Downtown Bern is outstanding, blocks of arcaded shopping streets, with a beautiful 16th century clock tower in the middle of the main street. Around the city we saw many very nice houses and apartment buildings, and the countryside and the Bernese Alps (mountains), within 50 miles of the city, are exceptional. After several visits, we think Bern would be our favorite city to live in Europe.

The city name, Bern, means bear in German, so we went to see the famous bear pits, where the bears sit up and beg for food. The day we were there, they especially liked to eat carrots.

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