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Blue and John Crow Mountains

Blue and John Crow Mountains

Blue and John Crow Mountains is a remote mountainous region known for its biodiversity and relevance to the history of Jamaican Maroons.

The park covers two mountain ranges: the Blue Mountains, peaking at 2,250m, and the John Crow Mountains which is a limestone plateau. They are covered with dense tropical, montane rainforest. A wide variety in endangerd and/or endemic plant, frog and bird species is found here.

The region provided refuge to escaped indigenous slaves, the traces of which can be seen at Maroon archaeological sites such as hiding-places and a network of trails. The ‘Windward Maroons’ of the Blue Mountains region were one of two Maroon strongholds in Jamaica. They lived in and around the settlement of Nanny Town. Its spiritual association with living traditions, ideas and beliefs already earned it a place on the UNESCO List of Intangible Heritage in 2008.

Map of Blue and John Crow Mountains


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Site Info

Full name: Blue and John Crow Mountains

Unesco ID: 1356

Inscribed: 2015

Type: Mixed

Criteria: 3   6   10  

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Site History

  • 2015 - Name change TWHS was called "Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park", but large parts of national park were moved to buffer zone during final nomination stages
  • 2015 - Inscribed 
  • 2011 - Deferred 


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  • Blue and John Crow Mountains