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    Canada #2: the Mountains (September 2014)

    The Mountains are the main reason people visit West Canada, and they do so in high numbers. Especially in the Rocky Mountain Parks of Banff and Jasper you will have to share the beauty with busloads of international tourists and daytrippers from Calgary. Waterton Glacier NP is quite the opposite: compact, and good opportunities to see wildlife. I saw my first and only two bears there.

    . Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks
    . Waterton Glacier International Peace Park

    Canada #1: Badlands & Prairie (September 2014)

    I started my 2 week tour of West Canada with a loop to the east and south of Calgary. This is all farmland, with a couple of pumpjacks digging for oil in between. Almost hidden in there are two WHS that show off the natural features of Badlands and Prairie. Worth visiting for their landscapes alone. However, the TWHS that lies in between (Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park) provided the most memorable visit.

    . Dinosaur Provincial Park
    . Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump

    Karlskrona (August 2014)

    The last of my long summer weekends brought me to the East of Denmark and Southern Sweden. This is a region of flat lands and coasts, much like Holland so not too remarkable for me. It's a pleasant area to have a few relaxing days however, and it brought me 3 new WHS.

    . Karlskrona
    . Southern Öland
    . Stevns Klint

    Your WHS reviews

    Mamayev Kurgan Memorial Complex "To the Heroes of the Battle of Stalingrad" (T)
    'Present Volgograd was founded in the XVI century as Tsaritsyn, and changed the name in Stalin times as Stalingrad.'
    Posted by Jorge Sanchez, 16-09-2014
     Mamayev Kurgan Memorial Complex "To the Heroes of the Battle of Stalingrad" (T)
    'The hill of Mamayev Kurgan is situated about 4kms north east of downtown Volgograd .'
    Posted by Paul Tanner, 16-09-2014
    Monastery of Alcobaca
    'I arrived to Alcobaça by bus, walked for while, crossed a river and soon I saw the great wonder of the town, its monastery, which was erected during the XII century and given to the Order of Cister.'
    Posted by Jorge Sanchez, 15-09-2014
     Wooden Tserkvas of the Carpathian Region
    'I visited this WHS in September 2014. I only visited the 4 out of the 8 tserkvas of Poland but I think I got the gist of the OUV of this transnational WHS.'
    Posted by Clyde, 11-09-2014
    'I visited this WHS in September 2014. I spent 5 days in this beautiful city and used it as my base for other nearby WHS.'
    Posted by Clyde, 11-09-2014
     Wooden Churches of Southern Malopolska
    'I visited this WHS in September 2014. I visited 5 out of the 9 wooden churches of Southern Malapolska and managed to enter 4 of them to see the frescoes and paintings.'
    Posted by Clyde, 11-09-2014